Just got done with the second interview...

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    And i have to say what a waste of time this really is. The second interview was just as long as the first, asked the same questions, and took the same amount of time. They told me they were forwarding my application to the people that actually hire, and that they are almost filled up for their hiring. I had this interview on Thursday, so i was wondering typically how long before they call you if they plan on hiring you. Also, my status on the website now says active, i don't know if that is significant or not. Thanks.
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    It could be a month before you are hired or it could be the first of the year...

    Yeah they could be filled up with the people they hire BUT not everyone who gets hired makes it their first day or first week... UPS is very demanding.

    Keep us updated if you make it, where they put you and how long it takes. Also let us know what you think of your first day, week...
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    what makes you think the purpose of the 2nd interview was just to ask questions??
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    Yeah I had to do the same.. how it went for UPS for me was, I came in for what I thought was the interview.. I took the train in and it took me longer to get to the Hub then it took for the walk around (it was only 10 min long). Anyways we were told to come back on Monday.. came back and then we each got to talk to HR, Then told to come back a few days later and I finally got to meet the preload manager who interviewed me for maybe 5 min and I was off again.

    Then I got a call back later that day saying I was hired and that was that.
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    The second inerview is not really a waste of time. If you didn't show up for it, you definitely wouldn't get the job. We move fast at UPS, but changes, hirings, and promotions move slow.:wink: Good luck, and welcome to the jungle.
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    Called HR today and they told me that when a position opened up they would call to let me know a start date. :(
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