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    I just got hired on Monday afternoon at Swan Island-Portland, Oregon Hub, and I'm on Twilight load. Are there any do's/don'ts or tips and tricks that they aren't covering in Cornerstone that I should keep in mind while doing my job?
  2. Dont get taco sauce on the seats
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    Don't curse at the sup's, that will get you fired. Also, do not him them no matter how much you would like.

    Take your time working and don't hurt yourself. And DON'T OVEREXERTE YOURSELF!

    It's just a job, they will make it more than that, but it's not.
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    Fair days pay for a fair days work.......
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    Just remember to work safe. They will try to push you. I think they like to play games to see just how far they can go. It's all about the numbers. The more work they can get you to do the better they look. Talk to some of the guys that have been there for years, they will tell you who is cool to work for and who is a a-hole.. I have a sup who I'll go the extra mile for and I have one I wouldent piss on if his hair was on fire.
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    You need to push yourself hard for the first 30 days till your in the union. Then kick it back in cruse control working at a steady pace.

    Good Luck
  7. I also just got hired, and completed their training this past Thursday. I wound up getting placed in skilled sort. Just curious as to how that job is.
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    I was hired about a month but I have not heard when I will start should I call.
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    Enjoy it. You got the easiest job lol
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    The OP has probably quit UPS by now.