Just got my Teamcare how do I use it?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by PTPeanuts, Jul 16, 2019.

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    So how do I actually use it?
    I don't really know how going to the doctor works.
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    Google the Teamcare website....you can search for a doctor or specialist in your area that is in the Teamcare network. Or you can call a local doctor’s office and find out if they take your insurance. Then you make an appt and show up. You will have to pay a $10 co-pay at the time of your doctor’s appt.
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    Well first, you've gotta get hurt or sick. So lesson one is to get hurt. (Preferably on the clock)
    Lesson 2 is to go to the doctor or ER.
    Lesson 3 is to follow their instructions.
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    You don't need teamcare if you're hurt on the clock ;)
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    Wow..you make an appointment... Show up... Get treated. The end.
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    Always call and find out if they take the insurance. Also, at least where I live -hospitals are good at hiring "sub contractors" that are doctors, etc. that work at that hospital but are not in network. Then you're hit with a huge bill. Have seen several cases on the news about this. Don't forget - you can use a minute clinic instead of the ER - cheaper and faster service. Check sites that give ratings on doctors and facilities - they will provide good insite on whether you want to choose this person as your primary care. ALWAYS ask what is covered at the visit - read your book - those samples of different patients are kind of cheesy. READ the fine print about prescription drugs - you don't want sticker shock. Good luck and try to stay well. It's a lot less paperwork and stress.
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    Teamcare? Healthcare is a right. Just show up to a doctor and they treat you for free. Doctors are slaves. Nurses are slaves. Buildings build themselves. Medical equipment is donated by good Samaritans. Medicine grows on trees.

    Well, at least this is what I heard at the recent debates.
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    Hey pal, this is the free insurance. Sometimes it can get complicated.
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    @Indecisi0n will check you out
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    Does Teamcare cover prolapses?