Just hired as unloader and have a few questions..

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    Hi there, I am new hire to the CACH UPS facility in Hodgkins, IL and have been working for two weeks as a day sort unloader. The job seems pretty straightforward and doable, if not physically exhausting. Anyway I had a couple of questions I was hoping I could get some answers for going into my third week on Monday.

    1. Apart from over-70s and posters/rolls of carpet, what kind of items exactly constitute bulk? I have seen some long rectangular packages go on the belt and some that go in the bulk pile; is there an easy way to tell so I can stop asking every five seconds?

    2. During my first two weeks, the job duties/ tasks for the day were pretty much spoofed to me seeing as I had a trainer by me during the whole shift, but on an average day for someone who has been unloading for awhile how do you know exactly how you start when you arrive for your shift? Do you always ask a supervisor for your duties that day, or is there some sort of list with the trailers you are assigned to unload, or do you just kind of hunt around for work that needs doing?

    Any other general tips are always appreciated. Thanks.
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    1. In addition to what you said, generally anything that isn't cube like or something that is odd shaped. When you see 8 foot long rolls going down the belt it's because the person who put it there is lazy and not following procedures. When it doubt, just ask a neighbor or sup.

    2. Since you don't know/aren't comfortable knowing what to do just ask. It shows initiative (you only have to show this trait pre-seniority).


    Work safe. The only person looking out for your safety is you. If you get hurt, that's [most likely) your fault. Work on your methods first, speed will come in time.

    Until you attain seniority, do what needs to be done and don't complain. Show up early every day. After you attain seniority you have rights which make the job a whole less stressful. Good luck to you
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    usually in my hub we just get to our job area and depending on the time if its early the supervisor tells us what to do, if its late then supervisor is rushing on what to say and you kind of have to
    follow him to see what door/trailer you will unload or who you will work with. if you cant find a supervisor i normally just stand there if nothing is ready for example belts arent running or trailers are closed its only
    happened a few times. as for irregular packages/over 70 i normally see if it doesnt fit on the belt, looks like it will cause a jam or is taller/longer/wider than 5ft.
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    Okay thanks for your help.
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    Bulk items include things over 72 inches (6 ft.), anything with wood showing, plastic casings, cloth bags, over 70s, rollers (depending on their destination in hub), metal items, things that are too large to fit on the extendos and so on. Getting people to treat things with metal straps as bulk, rollers etc is not going to happen most times.
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    Congrats, just try to stick around and you will get the chance to become a package delivery driver. The job is so easy and you get some really big bucks for doing it. What's better than sitting on your butt all day and getting fat and swollen like Jim jong un while collecting big bucks all day for doing nothing? Nothing :)
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    Easier to play the lottery and pick the right numbers. I would go that route.
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    Damn, dude, after reading that I half expect you to have a little notebook with a novelty lock on it detailing his every posting.

    Also, sarcasm was being heavily used in the post you responded to. Just thought I should throw that out there in case anybody missed the "and we make big bucks" part of it all....