Just hired F/T.. a few questions

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by UPSER110, Oct 1, 2013.

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    I just got on F/T yesterday 9/30.. I have been a reg temp for about a year and half and an p/t air driver for a little over 2 years.. I already went to integrad and got my 30 day qualification

    -Will I be under the 4 year progression, or the 3 year since there was a contract extension?

    -As a reg temp I was making 21.13/hr (75% of the top rate at the start of the last contract) The new contract states the same thing, so will I get a bump in pay since that what it should have been aug 1 (75%x32 = 24/hr)?

    -Also will we actually get a reto check? If so I have been on road almost everyday since aug 1. That's almost $4 an hr for all hours worked after aug. 1 they should owe me..

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    If the contract is ratified as is you will be under a 4 year progression, since you started after 7/31. You will get a retro check for ALL hours worked but not until the contract is done. Despite all the talk about health care nearly all the drivers at my center have other concerns about the new contract. Among them is the continual increase in time it takes to get to full scale. If this trend continues on the next contract we will be looking at 5 or even more years to get to top rate. Also in regards to your retro check many workers have started doing the math to guesstimate their back pay. The union has been playing on this to get members to vote yes on the contract. If we don't have a contract for a year you will still get your back pay! We all need to understand that we are not in it for the start haul but for what will be 30+ years for most of us. We need to take a deep breath and look hard at what going on. Ours is a deceptively difficult job and we earn every penny. No sense in selling out in the short term.
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    You will be making 21.13/hr until you get a raise that is above 21.13/hr. Also you will not get a retro check. Unless the contract doesn't finalize for three years when you get your raise that's above 21.13/hr. When you start driving they only start you at 16 to 18/hr.
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    as a reg temp you should be under a 2year progression. The same one for inside/inside fulltime. Check your supplement. I'm in the Atlantic Area and that's our temp progression. It works like this- you get a week of progression credit for each week you temp drove at least 1 day. 104 weeks gets you top pay. start 75% thru 52 weeks, next bump at 78 weeks then top at 104. It will still go by weeks till you reach 104. Since you never have to go through another full-time progression and you have already qualified(temp driver same as reg driver.) and since the master has yet to be ratified you are not under the 4 year. find out which shop steward knows about temp driver, as they all do not understand that job position. Good Luck
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    I am in the Atlantic area supplement also. where did you find that at in the contract? We have had other reg temps and they went through the 3 year progression..
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    Sorry. That only works in my local. We don't have PT cover drivers. My bad.
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    one shop steward and a old business agent local 391 reg temps progression is covered under Art. 53 page 158 and of course 63 sec 2 Steve Bishop was the Business Agent he was voted out.