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    This thread is intended as a trunk show of newly released products.
    I deliver/p/u at a Chrysler plant,and the boys always give me a
    hard time(in a kidding way) since I bought a new honda civic.
    My argument was that if they had a similar quality product,I would
    indeed consider it.Well,I think they have finally got it right.
    This is the 2013 Dodge Dart,with a 2 liter engine,and independent
    rear suspension.The car is based on a Fiat 500 frame,but is a foot
    longer and 4 inches wider.I predict this car will be a winner.
    Picture: Other - IMG_7881.JPG
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    I deliver about 30 of these little buggers last week.
    The iPad mini.At a $329.99 retail price,they are sure
    to be under many trees this Christmas.My prediction?
    Dud.The next version will have retina display,so wait.
    But they are really cool.Here's the Apple video.
    Apple - iPad mini - Every inch an iPad.
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    I'm happy with my iPhone 5 and since I didn't need my old iPhone my daughter is happy with my old one.
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    My parents both bought toyotas in the last 3 years. I asked why didn't you buy American. They said the vehicle quality. I told them they were a little behind on that trend. Over the last decade American car companies have come a long long way and the quality is on par with everyone else.
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    Don't lie to your parents!
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    I remember mini-pads when I was growing up.
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    Not exactly new,but the first time I've seen one plugged in.
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    It's kind of like they tried to do what Honda did. Honda was just motorcycles and opened into cars and was totally successful. Suzuki, not so much.