Keep an Eye on Monsanto

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Dec 16, 2009.

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    AP Investigation: Monsanto seed biz role revealed

    Might I suggest google video and "The World According to Monsanto"

    Also NetFlix and "Food Inc."

    Ah, the noble lie of bigger and centralized is always better than small (localized) and de-centralized. And I guess when it all goes bad we can ignore the years of gov't regulatory control over the food industry (the partners in creating monopolies) and blame that evil "free market" again. Yep, I'm sure you'll agree that Monsanto is a huge, fierce advocate of true free market economics!

    Anyone care to rent a condo on the beach in Kansas? The seafood is excellent and literally jumps into your boat!


    BTW if you do like the free market and you happen to have a favorable view of Justice Clarence Thomas, when you watch Food Inc. and they discuss Justice Thomas and some IP decisions with regard to free market ideals, if you are honest, one Justice Thomas will be seen in a new light!
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    I watched a movie entitled The Corporation which discussed Monsanto.
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    I've seen some of that movie and it's on my "must watch" list. Ah, corporations, a very interesting subject indeed. Ever look up the definition in Black's Law? Next time you are in Borders, Barnes and Noble, etc. go to the legal section and look it up.

    I've got several editions of Black's and even the 1861' and 1914' editions of Bouvier's Law which is the law dictionary of Congress and could easily cite it for you but I'd rather the words jump off the page and watch you about explode as you read it for yourself.

    Now that's a hell of a tease is it not!