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    Well folks, here you have it. And this one might end in a big, class-action suit. Love the part where it says this shipper is taking all his business to UPS and USPS.
    Sit back, relax, enjoy.
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    "We deny any wrongdoing and will vigorously defend ourselves in court". Anything to extract more cash from the customer...sounds like par for the course at FedEx.
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    It sounds as if they are talking about dimensional weight rexing. Anyone have an idea what the "up charging" is?
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    They don't mention if it's exclusively Express or if Ground is also involved. Dim-weighting seems a possibility, but since it's clearly spelled -out in our Service Guide and the judge still went forward with the case...maybe not. I can completely believe that FedEx would scam customers and hope they aren't smart enough to figure it out.

    Maybe the courts should look into FedEx Claims policies next. That is a genuine scam.
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    There could be something here to some point.

    But Up-Weighing won't be one. Both carriers do it and they are upfront about it. From Fedex's Service Guide:
    -Determine the weight. Round up to the next-higher pound.

    I'm all for getting all these corps to make billing more readable. In the case of carriers their bills are easier to read though vs things like phone bills, for example:

    Fedex Bill:

    Track #, actual weight, rated weight, net charge, fuel charge, accessorial charges, it will list what it is and amount. If it's dimensional it will state that and tell you the dims their scanners scanned. All that bundled and sum for a total cost per package. This is done for every tracking # and then summed at the end. Accessorials are like Residential, Bad Address, Rural, and the like, in English then the charge associated, which ties back to rate sheets/service manual. There is nothing vague or weird tax fee like on cellular bills.
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    Two interesting quotes

    And the owner