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    Hey guys so basically outside of only working this past friday driving wise, I havent touched a DIAD since 12-24. I was aware that we T.C.D. drivers would see a layoff at beginning of year and everyone and their mother told me its never longer then a month in my building so I preped as best as I could and managed 2 save up 4k. Last wk my on road told me they would give me 2 days a wk which would have kept me aflow but today he told me that I might as well return to the warehouse again because I probably will not be back driving until spring break.. The problem is I have 1500 left in savings and I have my own place and stuff. My question is if I find another job and if they call me to drive can I tell them I cant until I put in a aducate 2 weeks notice in with whatever job I get, sure I can burn a bridge at another job but who know something can happen at UPS not able to pass a DOT phys do to bad genetics or who knows anything, im not going to burn a bridge at another job. Im trying to keep this job and dont want to loose it but by no means am I willing to live in a night shelter over it either making $190 after taxes a week in the warehouse. My main question is can I tell them I cant drive when they call me back to drive for 2 wks or could they fire me based of that?
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    I would be upfront with UPS when/if they call back. You telling them you need 2 weeks notice for your other jobs shows them you won't burn them in the future.
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    In my state (Ma) you can file for unemployment if your pay or hours are cut. Why don't you see if you can in your state.
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    Better start tightening up the budget.

    Step 1:

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    Didn't anybody tell you this is a PART TIME job. Yeah TCD get extra hours when they are needed and it is a gamble on how much you will be working. Keep working PT and get a second job either FT or PT and when UPS needs you to drive again you will be a better position to decide what you need to do employment wise.
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    Yes I was under the idea that it is a part time job, But In many past years the longest anyone has ever waited was a month to go back to driving. Its been a month already and now their saying another month and then some The issue is more so the wk I went to driving school UPS is making record hiring off st, or inside since 89, and in my opinion they hired too many drivers in my bldg mgmt has said so themselves. So the ending result im experiencing longer then usual layoffs. All I want to know is will I be fired if I get another job that will more then likely conflict with my driving shifts. And unable me to be able to come back immediately.
  7. PT Car Washer

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    You may have to DQ yourself from TCD and yes you would have to requalify when you want to go back if they let you. Find out if you do DQ if you can still be an Air Exception driver and work Saturdays. They certainly don't expect you just to starve while you are waiting for work.
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    Hmm smthing I may look into. Thanks
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    This whole TCD is a tough gig starting out. I'm experiencing it first hand, but grateful that I still have my PT work inside for now..Besides a job on Sat/ Sun..Hope things work out for you.

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  10. Jackburton

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    Saturday air is part time classification. No FT drivers are allowed to work unless all PT employees have been exhausted. Even as a TCD, you're still PT and Saturday work is given in senority order and the amount of work. Generally speaking, you should be able to get 5-6 hours out of that day alone. You will be paid your regular air rate for work performed, check your supplemental for more details.
  11. PT Car Washer

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    Offered first to PT who have not worked 37 hours that week. Then to PT who have worked over 37 hours.
  12. Jackburton

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    Seems fair to me, helps people like the OP who actually want to work but get irregular hours during the week, Saturday makes up for some of that. Granted working 6 days might not be optimal, but taking care of your family is number 1.
  13. PT Car Washer

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    I have worked 6 days a week for most of my adult life.
  14. Geo926

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    You saved 4k? Must be nice not to have a lot of bills and a mortgage.

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  15. chris9834

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    I stated I have my own place in post, and bills and then some. I just managed my money well to prepare for this. Thats why iam asking for everyones insight on the matter of working else where till im needed again so I dont loose everything.
  16. djkre8r

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    Most cover drivers in my center own a lawn care business. I own a DJ business. I also work for the local minor league baseball team. Still PT after 10 years. I basically tell them what Saturdays I can and can't work (been a Sat driver for about 8 years) and I also give them my baseball schedule and say these are the days I can not drive. Sorry! We'll see how this goes over with our new driver sup. I have quit or lost several PT jobs due to having to drive and thinking it would last. Let them know you have to make a living and pay bills. Don't let them run your life!!!!!
  17. PT Car Washer

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    You sound a career PTer. I know a lot of them in my building myself included. Follow the money but never let them own you. You can make more money FT but it comes at a cost.
  18. chris9834

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    I will thanks for your insight.