Layoffs and insurance

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    I have a question about layoffs and insurance.

    I am a part timer and I am in the process of getting an education transfer. If it goes through, the facility I am moving to is very small. I am not sure, but my guess is there is around 12-14 routes that the facility covers. Anyways, management said if I get the transfer, it will probably be around June, which makes me think there may be a time after summer vacations are done and before peak starts where I could be bumped pretty easily. Does anyone know how the insurance works if you are laid off or on call for an extended period of time?
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    How long have you been with Uncle Buster?
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    Does the Center have a Driver Sort and Load? My Center is 13 routes with a Driver Sort and Load for the time being. With a Driver Sort and Load, the bottom drivers are laid off far more than any of the part-timers. For that matter, our part-timers are never laid off. Some one else from a similar-sized Center with a part-time Sort and Load may be able to over some insight about how often their part-timers are laid off.
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    In answer to the original question, there have been some changes to the part-time insurance since I was a participant. As I recall, you accrued credit when your hours exceeded a certain number and that credit was used to cover periods where you did not meet the minimum hours requirement. For example, I accrued enough credit during my first season as a temporary Driver's Helper to cover me until my permanent employment as a part-timer the following February. My Center is 13 routes; however, we have a Driver Sort and Load and no Air Drivers so I do not know who comparable it is to the one where you are attempting to transfer. As a part-timer, I was never laid off (being a driver is an entirely different matter) so I can not offer any other personal experience with insurance coverage lapses as a part-timer. As stated, I am also aware that there were significant changes in part-timer insurance after the last contract so my experiences may be irrelevant at this point.
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    Insurance rule differ by local you need to check your local rider or the rider where your are going to be employeed

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    AGREED... You need to get a contract for that area and read it or talk to the union rep for that area. If you ask people on here your going to get answers based on what they know of the rules for there area wich may or may not be the same as yours.