Leave the Driving to Us Robots

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    Leave the Driving to Us Robots - Yahoo

    By now, most people have heard about Google's driverless cars with spinning "top hats" on the roof. Nevada was the first state to authorize such vehicles, and at least four others have followed. The reason why you're not likely to see a car with full driverless capability in 2014 is cost.

    Transportation companies that might benefit from reduced employee costs include UPS, FedEx and Roadrunner Transportation Systems.

    If you can have a driverless truck on the clock an extra 12 hours a day, essentially cutting the fleet cost in half, the total investment may be lower than for a driver-truck fleet, even with a higher cost per truck. Also, for air-and-land carriers like UPS and FedEx, some packages can travel by land that now have to fly to arrive on time.