Lenexa Hub Closing???

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    Heard from another fellow part timer that the Lenexa hub is closing and the work is being sent to Earth City. Is this true? He says he heard it from the radio. I would hope that this is NOT true at all. Maybe he got some information mixed up :dissapointed:
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    If the Lenexa Hub Building has package drivers in it, the building itself can't close unless there is a lot of empty space in nearby buildings. At the very least, there must be a preload, to bring the volume that the drivers must deliver, and a reload, to take away the pickup packages that the drivers bring back to the building.

    It IS, however, fairly easy to close any sorts that handle hub-to-hub volume. These packages (and jobs) could be moved to another sorting facility, and probably save some bucks by consolidating feeder runs.

    If there is a noonday sort, or a midnight sort, those could close.
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    From the newswire:

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 12:17pm CST

    UPS will merge Kansas and Missouri districts, close Lenexa office

    UPS plans to close its Kansas district office in Lenexa in April, consolidating that district with the one in Missouri, a spokesman said Tuesday.

    Spokesman Norman Black didn’t have a specific count for the number of workers at the Lenexa office, but he said district offices normally employ 40 to 50 people. The Kansas and Missouri districts will be combined into the Central Plains District, to be based at the Missouri district headquarters in Earth City, near St. Louis.

    The move is part of the Atlanta-based package delivery company’s (NYSE: UPS) effort to streamline its U.S. management structure. The company said Friday that technology and employees’ management strengths would let it cut the number of districts in its U.S. small package operation from 46 to 20, resulting in the elimination of 1,800 management and administrative positions nationwide. The changes are effective in April.

    Black emphasized that the changes would not affect operations employees, such as drivers, or operating facilities.

    About 1,100 employees will be offered voluntary separation packages; others will get severance benefits tied to length of service.

    “The new management structure creates regions and districts that are better aligned geographically,” UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis said in a release. “In turn, this will enable more local decision-making and resources to be deployed for our customers.”

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    Post #3 suggests it is the management/clerical people who may lose their jobs, not the hourly operations people such as hub, package drivers and feeders.

    Am I wrong?
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    You are correct, just the District Office is being closed.

    slater929 must have missed been on vacation last week and missed the PCM's.