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    Just waiting for O to change the rules to allow foreigners the right to be president (so he can be legit ) and open the floodgates for the "Mexican" party. God knows, the way the left panders to them it will eventually happen.:angry:
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    Because the voters who believed in such things woke up and realized the republican party never believed this creed either! For real proof, look at gov't from Nixon till today. That's a total of 41 years (I'm counting Obama in this) and in 41 years, of that, republicans ruled the executive branch 28 of those 41 years. Not counting Obama, democrats only had 12 of those 41 years and yet the size and scope of gov't has exploded to unbelievable heights and yet the democrats are scapegoated as the party of big gov't. Sure, they ain't small gov't by any stretch but to ignore the power of the GOP over the unitary executive in the last 40 years with it's vast gov't growth period is at best intellectual dishonesty.

    I'll be the first to call the democrats, demonrats and fact is, I've seen no one else here with the balls to do that but at the same time I'll call the republicans what they truly are and that is republiCONS!
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    I'm confused. Are you trying to say that politicians have no principles and tend to lie to get elected? Stop the presses we have a news scoop!!