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    I just heard we will be getting 60 LNG tractors after the first of the year. They have already run the lines for the gas and will have the fueling station ready by peak.....or so they say. Just was wondering if anyone out there has been driving one of them for any period of time and can comment on power and performance and what manufacturer is used. I currently am assigned a new Mack Pinnacle, and can say that its the best I have driven in 25 years in feeders.
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    We have a bunch of those in AZ, mostly for California runs but now they have been double-utilizing them as much as they can because they are essentially free tractors due a subsidy or some such BS.

    Ours are made by Kenworth, and to me the cabs seem really small compared to your Mack Pinnacle (my favorite too). Air ride suspension is nice but the turning radius is not. We have to refuel them at a truck stop 10 miles away and the refueling process is long so you get an extra hour or so if you have one. The cab is really quiet compared to anything I've driven, that was nice.

    Power seemed great to me, although there aren't any hills from Phoenix to the middle of the desert in CA where we go. Time will tell whether it's a fad or the wave of the future.
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    Are these gas engines? I would think they would be to run on propane. How many miles can they go on a tank?
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    I'm guessing that being in Ohio that this is a UPS feel-good move to jump onto the fracking boom.
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    I believe it is TOS.
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    The tractors aren't "free" due to a subsidy. We do get subsidies from the govt which helps to offset the higher cost between a LNG tractor and an old fashioned diesel tractor. The benefit is in the cost per mile in driving them is lower with a LNG vs diesel. Also, it's better for the envirmonment, which is a good PR move.
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    Well the fuel is about $1 less per gallon than diesel but they use about 70% more so the math isn't adding up. Our Macks with the DEF are approaching 500k and all still have clean stacks.

    ​I might have to get one because apparently they aren't letting any smokers drive them.
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    Don't you recognize Anthony Weiner's PR manager?
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    Thanks for the info. I had a little BOP action in Chicago last night and mentioned the LNG tractors to the mechanic there. He told me they were going to get the LNG's next year as well. He also said the cost of the fueling station there was projected to be 4 million. So I don't know about this being a fad with UPS. I think if they really do it they are all in. But a one hour refueling process ?? That's expensive ! Or does that include your 20 mile round trip to the truck stop ?
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    It varies from 35 to 55 minutes they say, that's if there is no wait to get to the pumps. The pressure has to drop quite a bit before you can fuel and the pumps take a long time before they actually dispense any LNG. I don't know why they didn't go with propane since there is a Ferrelgas right next to our building. Logi$tics I guess.