Loose Wrecking Ball


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I could have sworn there is someone on here from PA. Weird story out of Meadville.....

Out-Of-Control Wrecking Ball Lands In Car Trunk
3 People Injured

July 10, 2007

MEADVILLE, Pa. -- A 1,500-pound wrecking ball broke loose from a crane cable on Monday and bounced from curb to curb before landing in a car trunk.

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The 3-foot-wide ball broke loose in the small college town of Meadville, Pa. It smashed more than a dozen vehicles and injured three people as it bounced from curb to curb.

The ball slammed into the back of a car stopped at an intersection. The force caused a chain reaction with two other cars at the traffic light.

The driver, an Allegheny College junior, said he thought a car had hit him when his back windshield exploded.

The ball came to rest in the trunk of the car and pushed it nearly 20 feet.

Workers had been using the wrecking ball to demolish part of a library at Allegheny College when the cable snapped.


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I grew up and went to school in Albion Pa, big tornado in 1985 and about 15 miles from Meadville, very hilly area, rt 79 passes right through. I thought it was funny, glad no one got hurt seriously.
I see Erie made the news too, the Pizza delivery guy. Ive been watching this story unfold for 4 yrs. This guy was mentally defiecient, he may have been part of it since someone told him "here wrap this around your neck, rob a bank, and we will give you half" he did not have the intellect to in anyway help in the planning, and my big ? is who built the collar bomb?