Lost and Confused about Short Term Disability

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    Im fairly new to UPS. I was hired back in May of this year. I work at Worldport on nights.

    I broke my foot last week and will be out of work for 6 to 12 weeks. I called HR and teamcare and was told I wasnt eligible for FMLA (obviously, I have no benefits) but to try and get STD through my union. How would I go about doing that? Ive asked my sup and center manager but they keep giving me numbers to call and I get the same answers. I just need some guidance completing this process.

    What is the possibility of me actually obtaining short term disability? Should be trying other things? If so, what?
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    Go to your state website ya live in do a search for disability forms have doc fill them out mail them in. Out west we also get a form from union hall and get 85 a week from out ins
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    So I would do both forms or just one of the two? Thanks for the reply.
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    Do both..one is state disability other is union. You don't have to do both. In CA state disability is roughly 50% of what ya made previously in a quarter. Through union ya get extra cash. Both are tax free