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  1. The last week or so has seen an incredible amount of 'misjudgements' from the [-]Cheney[/-] Bush administration. Lost in the chatter of Dubai and Katrina and Iraq and Abramoff was what Dear Leader did on his trip overseas. Please read this editorial from The Economist for a bit of insight:

    "India may not have signed the NPT, but America has. In doing so, it promised not to help other countries with their nuclear-weapons tinkering. It also pioneered the reinforcing principle that only countries that have all their nuclear facilities under international safeguards (India doesn't now and won't in future) should benefit from trade in civilian nuclear technology. If countries were going to sign the NPT and renounce nuclear weapons themselves, they needed assurance that as many others as possible would follow suit. To encourage them, treaty rightshelp in enjoying the benefits of civilian nuclear powerwere withheld from those that shrugged off or ignored its obligations."
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    At last we are in agreement. There is much good going on overseas lost or ignored by the [-]liberal [/-] press. This is a great link for some positive news ignored by you [-]susan [/-] and others.

  3. Doesn't look like any 'good news' lately [-]beegdadday[/-] tieguy.
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    In fact there is quite a bit that your liberally biased press will never let you hear. But then that really is the way you prefer it because if you really wanted to know about the good in Iraq you could find the stories. You choose to not look.
  5. Looky, something 'good' about Iraq, at least according to Fox News.

    Yep, all out civil war could be a good thing, just ask [google]Maj. Gen. Mubdar Hatim Hazya al-Dulaimi[/google]

    For a complete rundown on the 'good news' angle, read this diary:
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    one of the interesting ironies coming out of our war on terrorism as some [-]liberal fanatics [/-] try to play both sides of the freedom issue in an effort to derail our war on terrorism.

    1) The exposure of internal spying meant to get Bushs conservative base riled up at the thought that our rights might have been infringed upon. We will not accept anything less than our full slate of rights and freedoms as we determine them to be.

    2) At the same time those [-]liberal fanatics [/-]who work to undermine our war on terrorism also for all intents and purposes would want us to believe that we should not accept any lessening of our rights nor should we ever fight to ensure anyone else in this world has the same freedoms or rights. :w00t:

    Your effort above again clearly shows you are hell bent and determined to only show the negatives of this effort.

    I am heartened to see that you at least may be a closet watcher of fox. Ever wonder why Fox is the only news network that proudly proclaims a fair and balanced approach to the news. Why is it no other network has ever tried to make the same claims?
  7. More 'good news' (via Reuters) for March 12, 2006, 1046 days since 'Mission Accomplished':

    BAGHDAD - At least 40 people were killed and 95 wounded in three car bombs that exploded almost simultaneously in two markets in the Shi'ite Sadr district of Baghdad on Sunday. Police dismantled a fourth bomb in the same area, they said.
    LATIFIYA - Gunmen ambushed and killed a local football player (Mohammad Najah) in Latifiya 40 km (25 miles) south of Baghdad, local police said.
    BAGHDAD - Two civilians were killed and four wounded when a mortar round landed on a paint shop in central Baghdad, police said.
    BAGHDAD - Eight bodies were found with their hands tied and gun shot wounds to the head in Rustamiya, a suburb in eastern Baghdad, police said.
    BAGHDAD - Six people were killed and 14 wounded, including policemen, when a roadside bomb exploded as a U.S convoy passed by in southern Baghdad, police said.
    BAGHDAD - Gunmen killed two police officers in separate incidents in Baghdad, police said.
    BAGHDAD - Two soldiers were killed and four wounded when a roadside bomb went off near their patrol in central Baghdad, police said.
    BAGHDAD - Five soldiers were wounded when a roadside bomb went off near an Iraqi army patrol in eastern Baghdad, police said.
    BAGHDAD - Yarmouk hospital in Baghdad received at least twenty bodies overnight, some with gun shot wounds, a source in the hospital said.
    DHULUIYA - Gunmen killed two army officers who work in the Joint Coordination Centre in Dhuluiya, 40 km (25 miles) north of Baghdad, the Joint Coordination Centre of Dhuluiya said.
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    Perhaps you could now post all the killings in the united states to prove the point that we also face civil war here? ROFLMAO. your argument is so shallow. Try not to burn the ribs.
  9. I say this comment in another group, and thought that it summed things up quite well:
    I'm disgusted that we've got such an incompetent bunch of boobs running this country into the ground that I feel somewhat obliged as an American to call 'em on it! You, on the other hand, would just like to ignore their serious failures. That makes ME the patriot and YOU an apologist for incompetency. And I thought your party was all into "personal responsibility"! What a crock. Next.
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    Perhaps an apologist is needed when so many attempt to work so hard to undermine what our troops have sacrificed so much for. Perhaps an apologist is needed when so many in this country have had their freedom handed to them and therefore do not know what it means to have it. So on behalf of my country I apologize to all the soldiors out there for TS's efforts to undermine all your hard work and sacrifice.
  11. From the same board:
    "Look, "here in the good ole U S of A, if Chicago or LA were hit with a dozen car bombs and some rocket attacks, the entire town and the suburbs controlled by roving armed gangs, police were being gunned down and kidnapped by the dozens, and people were being killed and maimed by the hundreds, naturally the local papers and national media would lead with "Kindergarten gets new primer coat" in every newspaper and newscast, right?!"
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    While I am disheartened to hear that inner city chicago is so I hardly see what this point has to do with Iraq?
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    Oh I get it the poster was trying to say inner city chicago was not as described. Thats a good one. ROFLMAO. TS your killing me with this lame crap. ROFLMAO
  14. The only people that are undermining our good soldiers are those that would put them in harm's way for an ill thought out war that we don't belong in. Why are we in Iraq again? Did they attack us on Sept 11, 2001? Did they threaten us with WMDs? Did they have WMDs in 2001? Why are our brave men in women stuck in the middle of a cival war? Why has our standing in the international community sunk to all time lows? Why are we more hated than the extremists we are fighting?

    Answer those questions in a reasonable manner, if you can.
  15. Are you saying that Downtown Chicago is controlled by gangs and there is no authority there? Are you saying that police are being kidnapped and executed by the dozens in Chicago? Are you saying that the Miracle Mile Shops are being car bombed? That the mayor and city government operate inside a fortified encampment, and can't venture outside its walls? Or are you just showing your ignorance?

    I'd venture the latter.
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    I'm sorry are you saying Inner city chicago, new york or LA are not controlled by roving gangs committing one murder after another? Do you actually have the gall to suggest citizens in those areas do not live in armed camps with barred windows , doors and weapons to protect theirselves? Are you trying to tell me you could not have listed a post of brutal crimes committed in america that did not dwarf the one you listed about Iraq? Your argument is so lame. You really need to get your head out of your liberal blog behind and expose yourself to reality before its too late.
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    TS while this exchange has been somewhat interesting I can see I'm not going to get an intelligent response out of you today. So instead I'm going for a jog and enjoy the unusually nice weather.
  18. Unbelievably uninformed.
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    I have put TS the stalker on my ignore list. The stalker is now sending me private messages begging me not to beat her so bad on the public forum. I can't stand to see women cry so I had to put her on ignore. Heres some more positive news that got lost in the news:

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    Anyone know the kurds ran a series of commercials thanking the americans for their help? Something else that got lost in the news.