Lost My Brown Guy!! Help!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by ocean poet, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. ocean poet

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    Hi. Not your average posting, I suspect. But hey - one of your own is missing and I need someone's help finding him. We'd been emailing daily for months and posting to the same site [he's a witer] ~ he fell off the radar 2/5. He delivers local freight out of Orange County, CA. Any direction you can give me would save the remaining hairs on my head. [no, i don't work for Brown, but that didn't seem to be a requirment to be here, ya?] Anyone??
  2. toonertoo

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    Did you meet him on here? Need a little more info.
  3. ocean poet

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    Hi - thank you so much for answering. We are both writers and I met him on the site where we both post. His name is Mark H*****. He moved back to LA when his father died about 8 mos ago ~ he was a driver for Old Dominion for 14 yrs. His cell phone goes directly to voice mail which tells me it is either off or completely run down. I've left countless messages, of course. Also left countless emails. Nothing. No, he's not the type to up and disappear. I've scoured the net for some sort of contact number for UPS without success ~ that is how I happened upon this site and thought I may give it a shot anyway. Knowing Mark, I, of course, fear something catastrophic has happened. After 3 wks, I don't believe I am hysterically out of line in worrying. Anything else I can tell you? Again, thank you.

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    Mark told us not to tell you where he is.

    He also said, "Stop stalking me!"

    (Haha, just kidding!)
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    If his cell and email is still on probaly nothing catastrophic has happened. Could be he is having a hard time adjusting. How long has it been? You said he fell off the radar, 2/5, do you mean feb 2005? Id just send and call one last time, then relax, sometimes people just have to wait to chat with people after a traumatic loss, they feel they want to be at their best when they get back in contact. And sometimes people can be thoughtless, and move on and not want contact with their past. Either way there is nothing wrong with caring enough for someone to worry about them, or search for them. But guys sometimes have a tough time with feelings. Good luck, keep me posted, I love a good human story.
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    Here is what you do to locate Mark. Call (800)742-5877 and ask to speak with Mike Eskew. He can help you locate Mark and be persistant. They may give you the run around but insist on talking with Mike no matter what they tell you.


    To everyone else
  7. ocean poet

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    Hi guys - thank you so much for your replies. I actually misspoke - sorry. He'd been missing since JAN 5 - duh. I so appreciate the contact information - thank you. I did find him ~ and the news is horribly as I feared. He was driving [yeah, a Brown truck] on an LA freeway in very high winds, someone cut him off, a terrible accident ensued, and Mark suffered extensive damage to his brain stem and has been in a coma since. He was recently transferred to UCLA med center where they have started therapy ... he opens his eyes, but 'no one is home' yet, but I am told that is a good sign [not that no one's home, but that he opens his eyes - ya, ha]. I am in contact with his family ~ will drive out when they settle down a bit. I am just so grateful his is alive. And again, thank you for your interest and your help ~ it means a lot to me. Now I must go and continue stalking Mark at the hospital! Jill
  8. toonertoo

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    How sad. please keep us posted. I wonder why we didnt hear more of this on any news. Maybe it was on the news in Ca, anyone else hear of it?

    give him our thoughts and prayers.
  9. ocean poet

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    Thank you. I certainly will.
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