Madden Curse

Discussion in 'Sports' started by UpstateNYUPSer, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Prior to 1999, every annual installment of the Madden NFL series primarily featured John Madden on its cover. Since then, much like the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx, certain players who appeared on Madden video game box art have experienced a decline in performance, usually due to an injury.

    Drew Brees is on the cover of Madden NFL 2010. Any thoughts on whether the curse will hold true or does Brees, like the '04 Red Sox, Reverse the Curse?

    I think he will have another solid year but the Saints will not repeat as Super Bowl champs.
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    Many had predicted the Jay Cutler led Bears to be in the Super Bowl. Not quite. Maybe such hype in any respect is simply way over done and people start expecting too much.
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    It's Drew Brees, Man!. Come on, the guy is like Teflon, He's the Teflon-Man.

    I keep telling you guys, Brees the one that was too short, too white too.................
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    ...I thought that was Doug Flutie.:wink2:
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