Maine UPS driver Hospitalized With Hiccups

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    Maine Man Hospitalized With Hiccups - ABC

    Micky Cheney, 39, was at work Nov. 5 making deliveries for UPS Inc. when he started hiccupping, according to his wife, Keri.

    Cheney did see a doctor, but prescription drugs and all the breath-holding he could muster was no match for the constant contractions. On Nov. 9, he checked into Maine Medical Center in Portland. Strong sedatives help Cheney sleep, but the hiccups return “the second he opens his eyes,” his wife said. “It’s like some random, abnormal act of God.”

    The cause of Cheney’s hiccups is unclear, although his doctors believe it might have to do with inflammation in his esophagus, according to Keri Cheney. And while the past 11 days have been rough, the longest bout of hiccups lasted 69 years and nine months, according to the 2002 study.