Man, evey single paycheck they screw up, and now this...

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    By 'every single paycheck' I mean there's always 15 minutes here, and 15 minutes there I don't get credited for..And my first few paychecks I got paid $8.50 on Mondays :knockedout: (I'm on preload). I never really noticed, but what the hell are they doing w/ the dues and initiation fees? I should only be paying the init fee as of now, and for two more weeks. But it looks like this, in order:


    UNIONDUE: 25.00 // YTD 25.00



    INIT FEE 7.25 // YTD 7.25
    UNIONDUE 17.75 // YTD 42.75

    TOTALS 25.00



    INIT FEE 20.25 // YTD 27.50
    UNIONDUE 4.75 // YTD 47.50

    TOTALS 25.00



    INIT FEE 20.25 // YTD 47.75
    UNIONDUE 4.75 // YTD 52.25

    TOTALS 25.00



    INIT FEE 20.25 // YTD 68.00
    UNIONDUE 4.75 // YTD 57.00

    TOTALS 25.00



    INIT FEE 20.25 // YTD 89.25
    UNIONDUE 4.75 // YTD 61.75

    TOTALS 25.00


    I shouldn't be paying dues yet, and I know how much I should be making and only paid attention to the 'deducted' part on my paycheck, till now. They do add up to the $25 I should be paying, but if you knew what it was like to fix the $8.50 on Mondays you'd know I'd be sweatin' this :halfdead:
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    I do have it right, right? Shouldn't the first paycheck say INIT FEE and not UNIONDUE? And they shouldn't start taking out dues till the init fee is up?
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    What did your steward or union hall say when you asked them???

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    I have it here in print actually, I just found it-- "after you have worked 30 days, the Teamsters requires an initiation fee of $200.00, which comes from you paycheck in the amount of $25.00 per week for 8 consecutive weeks. After you have satisified your initiation fee, union dues will be 2 times your hourly rate".

    But it goes from no fee (well, union due), to a 7.25 fee, to a 20.25 fee.

    Err, slaps head.
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    Thanks, we got the money?
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    Now I don't care who you are, that's funny
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    Contact the hall.They are the ones that send the "bill" to payroll for your initiation.
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    Agree with Chev and up here you pay union dues from day one and get your intiation fee taken out about youre 3rd work week
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    I have been with UPS 30 years and never had a paychecked screwed up, except for a few weeks when the union kept taking double dues! And it was the union's fault and they admitted that it was their fault other than that never a problem.
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    How friggen rare you are! I mean probably 1 in few hundred thousand! I've always had to have my checks adjusted. It's usually pay scale errors (I have like...4 my regular, my air, my utility, and if UPS is to be believed a different air wage.) Count your blessings!
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    My paycheck is screwed up more often than not. 1 hr 7 min of ot last week, :14 of ot the week before if I don't count the safety meeting screwup. As a former ODC I'm paid out of GTS, so when I clock in at, say, 6pm the HFCS timeclock says I'll start getting paid at 11pm, and my Revenue Recovery supe wants me to start at 6 when the Hub starts at 6 even though she posted 5:45 as my start time the prev Friday, so she's supposed to pay me for 5:45-10 even though I'll actually work 6-10:15 and they also tend to pre-clock me out at say, 10p, and in at 11p, so I usually don't actually clock out of my first shift or in for my second, but if I do work into my lunch and do clock out and in it really confuses them. Then there's the matter of their clocking me out at the end of the night in order to close their books, so that when I do clock out the HFCS timeclock says "too early". And the guy who transfers my HFCS times to GTS guesstimates my Sat morn clock out and sometimes forgets to correct it Mondays. And this only begins to touch upon the the various reasons and ways they screw up. But I keep track. And they screw up the corrections too. And all in all I come out ahead, as long as I don't count the time I spend off the clock documenting their screwups.
  14. But Benefits Are Great!

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    20 plus years - checks screwed up no less than 30% of the time
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    Ever wonder how "our" company can track Granny's package from origin to destination, and every where in between, but they can't seem to get the paychecks correct?

    Simply amazing.
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    Not really, remember we are talking about UPS!:happy-very:
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    I won't say I never had a paycheck screwed up but most of the time, if it was, it was in my favor. Nothing big (except one year I got 2 extra paid personal days when it was suppose to be just a couple of days off without pay) Just like winning the lottery:happy2: