Man takes swing at UPS driver

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    Man takes swing at UPS driver - Record Eagle

    A Kalkaska motorist is suspected of rear ending a United Parcel Service truck with his car, then taking a swing at the truck's driver.

    Police found the suspect’s Dodge Neon near the accident scene and tracked a set of footprints leading away from the car and into the woods. They found the suspect and his male passenger, 19, two miles away, Giddis said.

    The suspect was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, hit and run, assault and providing alcohol to a minor. The younger man was cited for possession of alcohol and released.
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    The driver will get charged with an accident. Be Prepared - expect the unexpected!
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    "Driver should have bought man non-alcoholic beverages instead"
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    Where are the satellite images of the accident?
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    There will be paperwork to fill out.
    There will be meetings to sit through.
    There will be acronyms and commentaries to recite.

    If I were the innocent driver who was unlucky enough to get caught up in that jackpot, I would at least want the satisfaction of getting one good punch in as compensation for all the grief that I was about to be put through.