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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by ups_tech, Jan 13, 2003.

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    I am considering opting-in for full time management. Currently I work in technical support and I am hoping for some postition here. I would consider my chances good. Any tips for the interview process? Can anyone give me a rough idea about pay? Everyone acts like its a terrible thing to ask, but I don't work for fun... Whats the worst part of being a full time supervisor?

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    <font color="ff0000">Whats the worst part of being a full time supervisor?
    </font><font color="000000">Hmmm, I always figured the worst part would be being in charge of a bunch of teamsters [​IMG]. It's one of the reasons I turned down the opportunity to go into management. If I was going to be in a managerial position with a company as demanding of their managers as UPS is, I would want a lot more direct authority over the people who work for me.</font>
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    Same here.......

    Id get in big trouble with the way some of my coworkers talk and act. No way I could keep my cool with a jerk in my face.
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    Why would I wan't to retire a millionaire babysitter with an ulcer the size of a p320
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    Ask how many times you will be moving during your career. That is the reason I didnt want it. Just knowing that my family could be moved with little notice isnt worth it. We have a different managment team here every 3 to 4 years. Also if you are married or planning to get married in the future ask them the odds of getting divorced. I have had 6 center managers all but one has been divorced. Metros in my building are toast. Just burnt out. What ever they are paying them ...its not enough.
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    If that is what you want to do, then just go for it. No doubt you will have the chance because all of the others on this site have turned it down it would seem.:-)) They do make a valid point though. It would seem to be a really bad job. Some people handle it well and do well, and many others crash and burn. Do your best and flip off the rest. Good Luck
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    If your anything like the UK then pay is based on "the going rate". i.e. no two sups are paid the same its all based on some non-existent equation to do with the job you would take, along with years in, experience, if you've done job of similar grade, etc. However there is little room to barter, and UPS generally go for the low ball. But and there's always a but, read kidlogics post and take it very seriously such jobs do little for family life. The divorce statistics are staggering, and whilst partners may come and go anyway during a persons life, what about the children?
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    You've heard some of the down sides. Any body that tells you full time management is not hard on your family life is not being totally truthful.

    What are your future job prospects where you are. Can you advance and how fast and far. Can you get another job with another company that pays better and offers more?

    For instance, we had a customer Exec that went to Cocacola. Now makes 4 times the money, gets bonus, new company car every two years, expense account. Tried to talk to UPS, but they would not budge. Shame, we lose a lot of great talent in management, sales, etc that go to other companies and make them millions.

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    Thanks to all for the posts. I am still young and have no children. The dog only complains a little about moving. I cannot really say I will stay with UPS for the long haul, but it seems like a good learning experience. I do think the conditions in a center would be much worse than in one of the support functions.
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    ups tech........

    Let me add to my previous post. IF I were in your position, no kids, no spouse, and still a very young man, I would strongly consider going into management. Yes, you will work your butt off (we all do), you may move around a lot. The up side, by the time you hit your mid 40s (If you buy every share of stock you can afford) you can pack up your desk and walk out the door a very financially secure person.
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    ups tech.
    Let me start by telling you, if you want to make the move, then make the move. Don't let anyone decide for you, advice is good to gather, but in the long run you will need to be secure with your decision, if you decide to go into management, the fact that you will and can retire with big $$$$ is true, the pay isn't glorious, however the MIP through the years will more than likely continue to grow. The hours are sometimes very difficult to balance with your personal life. Again,this is some food for thought that you and only you can decide on. I have seen almost every aspect of UPS, and I would make the move again, but that is my viewpoint. As stated in many posts prior to mine, some people that go onto management don't work out, so keep that in mind. Those that are good at management will survive in the business. Good luck with you decision, keep you head down and work hard whatever you are doing.
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    I went before an interview panel a few months ago before the big freeze and the questions were behavioral/situational. Following the panel interview there was an interview with the District HR manager and then the Division Manager.

    Now I am just wating for the tropical climate to come back and fight off the promotion freeze

    As for salary, I have heard that it depends upon what you are making when you are promoted.
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    You are correct about the starting salary, if you are a driver for example, you will make more than if you are a part-time supervisor.
    If you have a degree, hold out for more!!!!!!
    The questions you were asked during the interviews are designed to see if you can think and react on your feet.
    If you are serious about making the move, hang in there. UPS doesn't usually move to quick, so be patient.
    There are two different theories with UPS.
    1) Those that know the answer to everything (especially after someone else has tested the water).
    2) And those that have the nerve to lead.

    The ones that have the ambition always end up ahead in the long run.

    Good luck in your endeavor.
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    Thanks for the reply---I feel like I did well on the interviews. I feel pretty confident that I will get my shot when the freeze lifts . . . when ever that will be[​IMG]
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    It's funny to hear about UPS divorces. Don't the posters know that the divorce rate runs above 50% for all Americans?
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    We still have some moves going on, but I think its because a lot of our experience is retiring. I just want to get on with the process, sitting around wondering stinks!
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    "It's funny to hear about UPS divorces. Don't the posters know that the divorce rate runs above 50% for all Americans"

    Divorces are often blamed on the job, generally when you cut away all the BS, the job had little if anything to do with it. I have friends that work horrible schedules, yet their marriage is rock solid.

    There are three sides to every divorce, his side, her side, and the truth
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    Actually the divorce rate is in the 35% range when you factor out the repeat offenders. So that means that even though 50% of all marrages end in divorce, a very high number of those have had more than one.

    While I agree that the job is not the primary cause, it does make things harder on a marriage that is allready rocky.

    The long hours durring the week are tough on hourly, then add some weekend work to the schedule for management........

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    Have any other management been asked to sign the Request for Vacation Advance? Do you feel like I do in that we are being asked to sacrifice 'just a little bit more'?
  20. dammor

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    It would seem we all are.