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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by mpf, Jan 14, 2003.

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    Looking for advise from any management personnel that was able to request and receive a transfer outside of their district. I am a 15 year UPS employee, now in management, with an MBA and a Major in the Air National Guard. My family has moved outside my district for family reasons. I am looking for any type of practical advise that can help me with my transfer. Thanks
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    There are a lot of unwritten opportunities/ways to move within UPS. For example, just had an old co-worker move out of state because his wife was transfered with her job. I couldn't believe it when I heard it but somewhere "in the books" there was this little clause. That's one way. The other way would be to try and attend a college in a certain area that you wanted to move to. It might be difficult if a local college offers the same courses but if you were moving for a specialized education that just happened to have their training to where you want to move, then you would have at least one leg to stand on.
    The only other advice would be to try and talk with someone in corporate, preferably someone you know. If anything out of the ordinary has happened, someone in corporate would know about it.

    Good Luck!
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    is there any way for a f/t driver to transfer?

    i know p/t employees can transfer for education ---but what about fulltimers--are there any situations besides the ones mentioned with the spouse getting transfered?
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    There is no "set procedure" for mgmt to request a transfer. However, there have been instances where, due to spousal relo, etc. we have been able to accomadate. Typically, there must be an opening for your skill set in the destination in the first place - won't just create a spot. You should be able to go to district HR mgr, explain your situation, and ask for help in seeing if there is any way to work something out. FYI may include stepping down from mgr to sup that kinda thing. Like I said, no set rule and youneed an advocate for you in your origin to have any shot.
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    Not much movement for a f/t driver, if any. I have never seen it happen but I would guess the educational line would be your best bet. How could they not allow a f/t driver but then allow a p/t'er. Not too many f/t'ers go back to school so it probably wasn't even thought of. The only negative that comes to mind would how would your seniority work within the new work group. You wouldn't lose any of your time but where would you fall when it came to bid time, routes and vacation.

    Good Luck!
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    Not only your seniority, but your retirement would/could be drasticly different.

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    In the 1997 contract there was a new article that allows part-timers to be transferred because of educational transfers. This does not apply for full-timers.
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    well I am not actually trying to work a transfer---this was just an issue that I saw in this thread and was curious about. I am happy where I am as far as driving goes.---the only time i care about leaving is a promotion.