Management's Appreciation of Fine Art.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by outamyway, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. outamyway

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    Maybe not so fine art.
  2. scratch

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    Nah, thats not fine art. Its not as bad as the gang signs that are tagged on our restroom stalls though.
  3. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    Man, I must be getting old.
    Childlike doodles are considered fine art?
    I've seen better drawings by hobo's on the side of railroad cars.
  4. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    I love that sign for one reason. When I was on Preload I used to load the saem 3 cars for quite a long time. I knew them inside and out, frontwards and backwards. I had a pretty good memory as well for what I had already loaded so therefore I would not put the sequence number (pre-EDD) onthe side of the package as directed by the supe. One day the supe, a new guy, watched me load and noticed that I wasnt scribbling on the boxes and told me I HAD to do it to maintain accuracy of the load. I told him I would not because then I would be defacing someone elses property and would not be a part of it. He questioned my loading so I made him quite welcome to double check my work if he liked. He walked away with a huff after seeing my perfection at work. Well, near perfection anyway. No loader is perfect.
  5. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    You need to move the sign over a bit... its covering fine art...

    or just fill in the drawing right on top of the sign... LOL
  6. Fnix

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    I see management forgot to add a comma after
  7. toeknee2gx

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    You forgot to put a period at the end of that sentence :wink2:.
  8. Fnix

    Fnix Active Member

    I dont have degree
  9. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    don't believe its required in that context when the words "or" or "and" are used.
  10. toonertoo

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    And you would be correct!!:happy2:Ahhh, a man who knows punctuation..........
  11. Cementups

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    Geesh, and some of ya'll yanked on me for correcting the knee injured helper in the other thread. Yins are wierd :scooter:
  12. mattwtrs

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    Outamyway, The artwork on the walls of the MDC gives me chills. Can't UPS in Vegas afford something better. I thought only the centers in the outlying area's got MDC's not in the Metro areas!
  13. toeknee2gx

    toeknee2gx New Member

    now you see how silly this stuff is....feels like 5th grade sometimes...
  14. moreluck

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    "Yins are weird."

    I didn't even have to look, I knew as soon as I read that expression that you were from PA.

    Growing up, my cousins from PA. always said "Yins". They were from around Uniontown. I guess it's the Yankee version of Y'all.
  15. Dump and Run

    Dump and Run New Member

    You are correct Tieguy.
  16. Somebody wrote "F*** your boxline" on the wall in one of the stalls. I thought it was pretty funny.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I hate graffiti. It's recently been a problem in our neighborhood. Kids who want to emulate the gang lifestyle has been tagging over other taggers tag (lol).

    We had an interesting story in our city a few years ago. Someone for months have been spraying the word "snore" throughout the city and on everything you could imagine. Police surveillance one night caught the tagger and it turned out to be a female college student from an upper middle-class family.

    Quite an embarrassment for the doctor/teacher household.
  18. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    We should probably get with the times and offer our people graffitti areas they can spray paint. Maybe let them paint the outside of their areas to show ownership.:happy-very:
  19. outamyway

    outamyway New Member

    With the kind of quality employees $8.50/hr and no healthcare will bring in the future, that may not be a bad idea.

    That's only one of many walls with colorful artwork in our center. I would guess those crayons are used on the walls more than they are on the boxes.
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  20. under the radar

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    Hey, I'm the Grammar Nazi around here!