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  1. Has anyone here done the in-box and panel interview for FT management? I am an inside employee, and just put my letter in for an open position as a PDS, and was told it wouldn't go to the next level unless there was an offer. Also, how difficult is the panel and other stuff to do? Any help would be appreciated.
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    I took and passed the F/T Supervisor MAPP. Honestly, It's not that hard (Simple Math, Analysis, Situational Questions, Panel). If you can't pass this test you should not be in a F/T management position.
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    Took and passed MAPP.

    Age 100%
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    Why are you responding to threads from 7 years ago?
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    And now you!

    ​Drats, me too now!
  6. Sounds like he or perfect management material! dont know whats going on, and behind the times!