March 1, 2013. Sequestration of federal funds. Effects on UPS operations

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  1. Friday, March 1, 2013, sequestration of federal funds will take place, removing a considerable amount of US Government provided funds (unless there is a political solution and delay of implementation). Any comments on possible effects and consequences on UPS operations (Domestic, Air, Freight etc.) as well as impact on our "honorable" competitors?
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    The drivers with less seniority than me will be taking more dead days?
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    The impact will be minimal.
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    Just like with the government.
    2 1/2 percent reduction after the budget increase of 8% is hardly a major concern.
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    All ( still ) working people took a major tax increase on Jan 1 , and the world still kept turning .
    Now it's the gov't employees to feel our pain .
    Besides this is all bhos' fault , he pushed for this bill in 2011 , he signed this into law and then made noises about how it would be illegal for Congress to make any attempts to change it { until he could blame it on someone else }.
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    Isn't this where "TOS" comes on and tells us how it's G. Bush's fault? Or how it's the republicans in congress fault? Then make something up about how Obama disagreed with it all along, even though he signed the bill into law?
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    Not sure what your point is. Who was the responsible party for insisting on the sequestration? Gotta love a party that said, after Bush lost the popular vote but won a contested election in 2000, that there was no reason they shouldn't go forward full steam with their agenda ... but after a 4-point, 5M margin, landslide electoral vote by the other party they insist it's too close so we should govern the losing way... hmm.... maybe the 49ers are the real SuperBowl champions and should throw a parade after all (as if San Francisco doesn't have enough...)
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    Maybe for small package division. Pickups from federal buildings might be slow. But UPS freight will feel the effects in my area frequently see military equipmemt transported on SCS trailers.
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    Lobster and caviar will no longer be options for dinner at the post negotiation dinner table.
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    " Not sure what your point is. "
    The Other Side or more commonly called tos is a poster who tells out right lies and gives out false information which he/she is convinced is the real truth .
    You can not disagree with tos , however should you request proof of one of tos' statements, tos is known to disappear. At least for a while .
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    No, those options will be available...just slightly more scarce.