Matt Thornton's 4 Focus Points LOL

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    In June's Frontline broadcast, our fearless leader MT3 informed us that he had 4 major areas of focus for the Express division. Let's take a closer look at what Matt is really trying to tell us.

    Area 1: A 10% reduction in accidents and injuries. That's a great goal Matt, but the reality is that when you push people to their breaking point and beyond, you get more accidents and injuries. "Be safe, don't get hurt", but don't have any lates or non-attempts as you speed through those residential neighborhoods at 20 mph over the limit. But because nearly all injuries and accidents are judged preventable anyway, you'll just have an excuse to fire or discipline the couriers you desperately need because so many of them are quitting.

    Area 2: Improve Service Peformance. Another admirable goal, but when you don't have enough people to even attempt delivering all of the pkgs every day, how do you improve service? Matt suggests doing more DEX 04's (indirect deliveries), but how do you have time to do indirects when you're being pushed to do more stops per hour because management has collapsed routes? All it takes is a late plane or CTV, and the DEX 01's start piling-up. Get real Matt. Just piling more work onto the couriers, doesn't mean it will get done, much less at a higher rate of efficiency. Good thinking, Matt.

    Area 3: Improve Stops Per Hour. Again, "be safe, don't get hurt", but drive like a maniac so you can do more. If you hit someone, or have an accident, we'll just fire you and claim that you've been repeatedly trained on how to be "safe". More double-speak, your highness.

    Area 4: Increase Communication and Involvement. From what I've seen this past month you are communicating that we have to work harder and faster so your fat ass can continue to make big money on your stock options. Our involvement means swallowing this line of crap and buying-in to your strategic vision of squeezing even more productivity out of us. Sorry, but almost everyone has figured you out by now. Good luck on this'll need it.

    The 25 Hour Cap on Part-Timers: While this wasn't on Frontline, I just have to say that this is your brightest move yet Matt. Most stations don't even have enough couriers available to cover open routes, and then you make this dumb-ass dicate that part-timers cannot go over 25 hours. Guess who suffers when you do stupid stuff like this? THE CUSTOMER. When dispatchers have to cut-off deliveries due to a lack of bodies or pickups get left in the station after they miss the plane, the customer gets screwed, and the competition takes over. If you're lucky enough to have a part-timer who wants to step-up and help out, you send him home. Penny-wise but pound foolish Matt. You just keep on making FedEx more diverse, more "efficient", and more service-oriented. That's why you're Fred's right-hand're the best!!!

    P.S. Can I call myself "MFX" to be as chill as you are? You are one cool cat, and that "MT3" deal really makes me think you've got it all together.
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    I almost vomitted when I grudgenly watched that frontline edition. The only thing that I can say to you is that your lucky your part timers can work 25 hrs. Where I'm at, our part timers are down to 3 days a week, P1 only. Try to get by on that. It's not like people have bills to pay, gas to buy or groceries to get to feed there families while people like Matt are squabbling over his in flight meal on his private plane while travelling across the country "visiting" stations and dictating the Hitler-esk ideology (go faster, do more with less).
    On a personal note, I just wanted to say thanks to Matt for adding to the already uncermountable amount of stress that we have to deal with each and everyday. Way to go pal, your my hero!
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    That's right. Matt, Fred, Dave, and the whole bunch of the upper crust can truly relate to the hourly workforce as they jet off all over the world trying to decide if they should have the filet mignon or the fresh Maine lobster. Besides their stock options and huge salaries, they get interest-free loans so they can buy all of that stock without cutting into their personal savings. I really think that the top tier has become so removed from the field that it's almost like they are in the proverbial ivory tower.

    I don't see any of them volunteering to take a pay cut, but we must take a major defacto loss in pay through reduced hours. They like to hold the "no layoff" policy over our heads, but the fact is that in most locations they can't afford to lay anyone off because so many couriers have quit. Sorry to hear your PT folks have it even worse than in my area. At peak, of course, these same PT employees will be asked to work Full-Time, because it suits the needs of FedEx.

    I'm not religious, but if there is such a thing as divine vengeance, Karma, or whatever you choose to call it, these guys deserve a dose of bad luck. I always get a laugh out of FedEx employees who defend upper management on this site, or UPS people who don't really understand what FedEx is all about.

    I'm setting myself up to get out soon, as are many others. FedEx sucks, and they don't give a rats ass about their employees or their customers. You reap what you sow, so Fred is going to have some bad times. We're already talking sit-downs and stopping the belt at my station. It's that bad. How about a National Sit-Down, where everyone just stops what they're doing for 10 minutes...CTV drivers, couriers, handlers...everyone.
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    Thanks Fedex, don't worry we'll take good care of your volume and customers :) and they won't mind paying more knowing Big Brown always delivers
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    You're right...UPS will get our disgusted customers. We deserve to lose them considering the lack of repsect we show them.
  6. drewed

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    Good news though we'll both feast on the meal DHLs about to serve :)
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    Ummm, not sure why your so happy, this is the same crap that ups is doing. When both ups and fedex do this, and the problems that dhl is having, the only ones that loose are the customers.
  8. drewed

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    theres a difference, our service may suffer a little bit; but with fedex's clunky business model UPS will make a killing off of fedex's fed up customer....its better to have your package 10 mins late then getting it days later.
  9. Coldworld

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    true, but is this really happening with fedex?
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    The Fedex guys in my area don't seem too stressed.