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    Bet most of the readers here have no idea what this means. lol "MBC will not make a bad manager good, but a good manager better". Once again, Jim Casey is rolling over.....
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    Thats easy....MBC in United Parcel Service was Management by Committment.....mbc ups style in management by confusion.....The distinction is private company vs public company
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    Hubby was MBC Coordinator for the Pacific Region......
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    I assume that was right before he retired?
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    I was told by my mentor that MBC stood for "More Bullsh--Coming", that was a long time ago.
  6. moreluck

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    No......it was when Hawaii still had dinosaurs and I wasn't queen blue hair.
    In 1991 it was his job.
    He left in 2000 as a div.mgr. out of the bldg. in Aliso Viejo.
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    That sounds like when a babysitter teaches a 3 year old the cuss words!! "mentor" is suppose to show you the ropes.....teach you the history, not fill your head with nonsense.

    A wise and trusted advisor.......that's what a mentor should be.
  8. Loved the "spec worksheets"...nice to have a catalog to search out solutions....spec p41 "preload manned and planned to complete sort 1/2 hour to driver start". I was also good at pro-rated mar's and profiles. I had my own red and black pens. Had all this in a binder. Kept it on a shelf next to the JBA's, Sphere's of Influence, Policy Book..etc. Are we living in the past? Looking back it all seems alot easier, doing without technology.
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    We had our own meaning for MBC. After a tough nite sort that ran into the preload, we would call it maximum beer consumption.