McCain Supporters show their intelligence levels!!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Oct 29, 2008.

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    Now before you watch this video, I would like to comment that the people shown in this video are probably alot like a few of you...

    They however, are not afraid to speak their minds.

    This video is the exact proof that "propaganda" works. Listen to what they all have to say, listen to the number of things that have been debunked already, yet they say with conviction.

    This is the problem with right wing politics. The hate involved in right wing politics is a shame. They have used the knuckleheads of the airwaves to create these people in all their unabashed glory.

    You can thank Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Bill Orielly, John Gibson, Michele Malkin, Jason Lewis and all the other right wing freakshows for the content in the following video.

    Pennsylvania 10/27/08 McCain bus tour

    McCain Supporters in PA: "Bomb Obama" "Never vote for black"
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    ...and John Murtha had it wrong?

    Rednecks and racists?

    I think he hit it right on the head.:surprise:
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    Interesting video to say the least. Most definitely not the whole story. The company or people who did this video did an awful lot of editing to find the trash that was there. There's trash on both sides and putting this video out as a representation of conservatives is really low class. I thought of you as an intelligent poster before this. You however are putting forth the exact type of propaganda that you are bashing. I do not in any way shape or form agree with racist voters who wish David Duke was still running, but those people are everywhere.
    Now onto other less disturbing parts of the video. There was an alarming amount of high schoolers on the Obama side aside from the steel union people, but I expect hard core union members to vote for Obama. Most of the people holding up the McCain signs (other than the racist kids shouting nobama) Were for the most part adults. I don't know about you, but the majority of the people holding Obama signs in the crowd didn't seem old enough to vote yet.
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    The whole story is simple. Racism showed its ugly head on this day.

    I am putting nothing forward other than showing a side of america people dont want to talk about.

    Republicans are suppose to be god loving, true americans. These people are FANATICS and creatures of right wing hate speech.

    Dont blame me for the content.

    Morons talking about OBAMA being born in KENYA. Geez, could there be any bigger morons out there?

    One idiot talked about the assassination of the potential next president.

    What are we, a bananna republic now?

    Put your anger where it belongs, put it on those people who alledgedly support the party that you do.

    You want to know why McCain is losing this election and why congress is set to lose more republican seats in both houses??

    Talk to these people.

    Ask yourself if you condone these people and their message, if you do, then theres nothing anyone can say to help you, if you dont, then understand that this hate is the very reason your party is imploding before your eyes.:wink2:
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    Your first post in this thread is nothing more then a group flame directed at conservative posters here.

    the moderators should kill the thread and your membership should be cancelled for even daring to try to link that ugliness to the posters on this board.

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    The first post clearly sez "a few" and not a group.

    You can try and make it a "group" cause the video inflames you, and it should.

    We should all take a lesson from the content of the video and cease the name calling.

    This is real life, and this is a current events thread.

    The people in the video despite their affiliations are examples of people gone over the edge in political hate speech.

    This we cannot tolerate together.

    You can try and keep us divided, but rather than asking the board to remove its members for posting a current event, why not call out for a ceasation of name calling instead?

    Would that be too much to ask?

    I think that was the point.:wink2:
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    It's clear, not from THIS post alone, that your supposition is indeed that conservatives are racists, gun toting , hate filled people. Some may be, I feel confident most are not. The people in that video paint a very dim, yet vague picture of McCain/Palin supporters. The people in this video would support any white person over Obama because he is black. Do I think that is right? NO, I sure don't. The funny thing is, if it were a white person running against McCain these same people may very well be on the left side of the fence.
    To support Obama because he is black is just as bad, and if you don't think this is just as big an issue, then you are just naive. I'm willing to bet that somewhere in this country on more than one occasion that there have been Obama support rallies where the sign toting hate yelling people were black, shouting down McCain/Palin.

    Oh and BTW, many of your posts on this board are nothing less than name calling, so cut the self-righteous. " cease the name calling" crap.
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    isnt that my message?? A lesson for us ALL. Myself included.

    I dont live in penns, and I hear this type of speech all day long. I believe you are missing the bigger point to my post.

    The point I am trying to make is this: Propaganda hurts people.

    Its clear from many of the comments heard in this video, that the "scaremail" they all recieved, along with the confirmations of right wing TV and radio convinced these "type" of people to stand up for hate.

    Rather than taking advantage over their "right" to assemble freely and support their candidate based upon the platform that candidate promotes, they "chose" to stand in public and berate another candidate with propaganda driven nonsense they either read or heard.

    This is the problem. Show me one video or report where OBAMA supporters have done anything close to this?

    I would post one if I could find one.

    The closest thing I can find, is the two gay men in west hollywood who hung sarah palin in effigy for halloween, but not because she is a running mate of John McCain, but rather because shes endorsed prop 8 here in my state.

    Prop 8 is an anti-gay marriage proposition.

    One poster on this board claimed that the dems in there state would riot and cause trouble win or lose, yet, it appears that the republicans are set to do the same to a larger extend if OBAMA wins. Talking about assassinations does not a true american make.

    Regardless, hate speech should never be a part of american politics.

    We should take a look at these people in the video and ask ourselves if "we" are getting closer to sounding like them or distancing ourselves from the rhetoric.

    I for one am choosing to normalize my posts.

    There is only a few days left. I think we can tone it down collectively to avoid sounding like the people in the video, or we can keep on posting the rhetoric given to us by the political machines.
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    This was the best part!

    The Republicans
    One thing for sure ... the Republicans deserve exactly what is happening to them in this election. It's just too bad the rest of the country has to suffer the lion's share of the punishment the Republicans so richly deserve. In 1994 the voters were fed up with Clinton and the Republicans swept to control of both houses of congress, largely on the strength of Newt's Contract with America. Do you remember some of the promises? One that sticks in my mind is their promise to dismantle the Department of Education. Republicans – in 1994 – recognized that the quality of American education had been going steadily downhill since this government behemoth was formed. Well, that was then ... this is now. The size of the Education Department, as well as the cost, has doubled. Republicans did this, not Democrats.
    As a matter of fact, it's not just the Department of Education; it's our entire federal government. Spending has doubled. Size has doubled. All under the Republican watch inside the beltway. Pork barrel spending is completely out of control, and Republicans are behind the wheel. Education and pork spending aside, we have the Medicare prescription benefit, McCain-Feingold, Sarbanes-Oxley, a tepid response to Kelo vs. New London ... all elements of a well-deserved Republican drubbing. The problem here is that the cure, that being Barack Obama, might well be much worse of than the disease.
    The Republicans don't deserve power in Washington just as you don't deserve a boil in the center of your forehead. There are worse things, however. Complete Democrat control or, in the case of your forehead, a nice big melanoma. Pretty much the same things, actually.
    It's not that the Republicans did everything wrong. They got the tax cut thing right, and they responded correctly, for the most part, to the radical Islamic attack on our country. They just did so much wrong at the same time. They got drunk with power, and the hangover affects all of us.

    LOL LOL LOL:rofl:
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    your intent was clearly to tie us to those folks. At least have the guts to admit it. You've done everything but that so far.

    Perhaps a story on the other racists in this race the ones that will vote for Obama simply because he is black.
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    Your point is not even needed in this particular respect. Have you seen us in here saying don't vote for Obama because he's black? The people in here who use his middle name are doing that because of his affiliations. Especially with his pastor and with Ayers. I'm not saying that his affiliations make him who he is, but if McCain was even remotely associated with the KKK, then you guys would tear him up and call it the truth. We tear up Obama because of his affiliations and it's hate mongering.
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    You are 100% right on this one. Thank you for saying it!
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    Hmmm? Ignorant hillbillies?? I dont hear you condeming these McCain supporters, nor do I see a host of Republican supporters from this board condeming them for there apparent racist actions.

    Associations have been the montra of the McCain campaign, do you TIE feel that your association with the republican party connects you to these people, and if so, should we treat you as we would treat them for there actions?

    Should you be held accountable for there actions?

    While they may be "ignorant", they are more victims than stupid.

    Victims of a hate campaign directed at the very intelligence level they portray.

    As i said, some on this board (and I said some, before you generalize) have posted the very scaremail they recieved and believe it!

    So my questions have been, "do you really believe we are different than these people argueing with each other over rhetoric and nonsense"?

    TIE, why dont you separate yourself from these people and set yourself apart from the rhetoric.

    Lets talk about issues, not insannity like these folks.

    Its a say day in american politics when voices from the 40's and 50's america rise to participate in 2k elections.
  16. tieguy

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    Quantify a few. better yet why not name who you were calling a bigot so the rest of us can relax knowing you were not directing your slam at them.

    Or were you simply making the assumption that a few of us were bigots?

    You don't tap dance very well. But its fun to watch.
  17. sortaisle

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    That's because most responsible adults and especially those who are parents know that to give any kind of response to this whatsoever gives validity to their cause. I suppose you would dignify there stupidity with a response though.
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    Moderators I believe this post clearly shows an admission by "the other side" that she flamed us by calling us bigots. I call on you to do the right thing. I think we should be able to have these political debates without someone blatantly attacking us as bigots.
  19. UPS Lifer

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    You (the other side) have no business trying to tie anyone in this forum with the comments you made. Your posts seem to continue to have an underlying thread that Republicans are racists. If we are against BO than we are racist. You are COMPLETELY out of bounds by this inappropriate line of posting.
    You need to come out strong now and completely disavow those sentiments as well as apologize to the McCain supporters on this forum.

    If you do not make a public apology and disavow those comments, I will support canceling your membership in this forum.
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    This article was fair and balanced. I'm glad you read it other side.Thus, yes the republicans blew it, but as the article points out Obama has many holes(lies) in his tax plan...So, I hope your not believing Bama's tax system is gonna walk on water...The system really hurts new jobs created by small business...And 80% of new jobs are created by small business....Where is the trillion $ going to come from?..