Mideast interest in U.S. real estate

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    Why do foreign countries get away with buying up American assets, like Germany bought DHL? Like China trying to buy the US Steel Co? Like this story linked:


    taking our treasured New York Chrysler building? What's up!

    UPS started as an American company.
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    Germany bought DHL? News to me. I could have sworn that was DP.

    BTW, DP's DHL started in America.

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    One of the primary reasons is the Corporate Tax Rate by the US Government and then the States Tax on top of that. A foreign company with lower tax rates (such as the Budweiser acquisition by a Belgium company - InBev) can take the profits and move them to that country and increase the profitability by 10 - 20% or even more.
    Sort of like UPS moving from Connecticut to Georgia.

    Ireland lowered their Corporate tax rate and has grown tremendously. The French have criticized the Irish based on the belief that their low corporation tax rates enabled Ireland to compete unfairly in attracting international investment.

    Speaking of the French, Obama and the Democrats are talking about raising Corporate taxes just as Exxon is selling off all it’s gas stations. This is the first step where Exxon will wind up being a foreign owned company. Remember Amoco (American Oil Company)….same situation. Now it’s owned by BP and BP is planning to gradually divest itself of it’s gas stations in the US. All those previous Amoco profits go to help the UK economy…not the US.
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    Nothing new here.....remember twenty years ago the British were buying up ever piece of real estate available ?
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    It all comes down to one word...............................GREED!

    We're selling the "hen house" to the fox. And we won't wake up til all the hens are gone. It'll be too late then. All the money in the world won't help those who have it at that point.
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    and you wonder where they got the money...................
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    Welcome to the United States of WalMart--- you can thank the WalMart shoppers :angry:
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    Unfortunately, with the economy the way it is, you are finding more and more people who would never set foot inside Wal Qaeda doing so.
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    It has to do with the value of the dollar(the deficit, bush taxes for the rich, credit ratings). We can't borrow anymore money because we owe an enormous amount. The cost of the War isn't helping even though Bush Stated The oil will pay for the war...

    The Euro is over 2.4 the value of a dollar. United States is cheap and many many more companys will be bought out by foreign investors over the next decade!