Milton Friedman interview - 1979

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    Milton Friedman interviewed by Phil Donahue - 1979

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    I don't trust in angels either!

    Good post Cheryl and ironically I've heard this interview more and more lately and in all fairness to Phil, as misplaced as his trust may be, I do think he means well.

    But where Phil and others make a huge mistake in thinking that gov't can be for good at all times can actually be found in the actions of one of Phil's and I'm sure other so-called "liberals" heros in FDR. FDR and his New Deal was seen as something great for the common man but in fact it was a takeover by big business using gov't to monopolize their markets and squeeze out competition under the guise of the so-called "planned economy".

    Example is to research Gerard Swope and his importance to FDR's lynchpin on his New Deal in the NIRA but read under the heading "Description" and what took place. Even UCLA Economic researchers in 2004' released an exhausted study on the true effects of FDR's New Deal and it declared that the New Deal policies prolonged the depression. Now conservatives (republicans) love to parade this around and beat liberals (democrats) over the head with this but what conservatives fail to read is an important point of FDR's error that they themselves make time and time again.


    It was this "collusion", this absolute violation of true free market principles that in fact was a play taken from Mussolini's playbook of Corporatism and thus the reason FDR called the Duce "a fine Italian gentlemen." It's so funny if it were not a greek tragedy that the very folks today like Phil who scream about big business and corp. greed are in fact giving big business exactly what they want and that is to kill the real free market by using gov't to centralize and plan all thing economic and thus secure their own power and wealth in the process. This also means moving power away from both State and local control because to leave power there risks not only someone going maverick but it also requires added expense in control measures such as lobbyist, etc. when from a cost control standpoint, keeping all things federal and in Washington makes for efficency of business and of energy used for the same return. It's the principle of "maximizing return on investment"! :wink2:

    As FDR's ploys came to light, folks like Henry Hazlitt and former Old Left/FDR supporter John T. Flynn caught on to the ruse and began to speak out via his works of the 1940's of "As We Go Marching" and "The Roosevelt Myth". Even SCOTUS stepped in and overturned FDR's NRA plan but the damage was done and on the retry, FDR & Co. managed to circumvent court objections. I fine it interesting that the idea of "extraordinary conditions do not create or enlarge constitutional powers" as expressed in the infamous "sick chicken" case was never once employed against Bush and now I find republicans starting to kick around the edges but daring not open the door in the case of Obama. May have to do with the fact they hope to control power themselves someday which they probably will.

    You have to love the hyocrisy of politics and old school talk show hosts too! :happy-very:

    Speaking of Henry Hazlitt, last year saw a re-printing of his great work "Economics in one Lesson" and there is a 3 plus hour video on YouTube concerning this but also has been broken into segments. Below is the 8 minute segment with Economics professor and author Tom Dilorenzo discussing Bastiat's "Broken Window Fallacy" and I think the applications to our own current situation should be obvious.


    You know, it's ashame to really understand things, you have to work and research and dig out facts. It would be easier to just listen to some bombastic radio talk show host, count numbers on a petition or mail out tea bags and think this alone will change the world for the better. Automatons do enjoy a much easier life, that's for sure!
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    I used to watch The Phil Donahue Show. His mannerisms drive me absolutely nutso !! Can't even look at him. I was always opposite him when it came to political shows. Bring back Sally Jessie (remember her?)
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    More OT:

    That comment I find to be actually very informative and instructive. Truly explains a lot!

    For the most part, TV is an exercise for the mindless!

    Conditions thought rather than provokes it.
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    Don't read too much into my comments. Most are for humor. Let's face it, the only thing Sally is famous for is her oversize red glasses fashion statement and a Cuban with a real job !:wink2:

    I'm going to hell for that one.