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    Posted: 04/19/2011COUDERSPORT, Pa. - Police in north-central Pennsylvania say they've solved the case of the missing bull semen.
    Authorities in Sweden Township, near Coudersport, say a package containing 1,770 units of the valuable agricultural product was
    reported missing from a residence where it was to be delivered on April 2.
    Police now tell the Bradford Era newspaper that it was never stolen. Rather, a UPS driver left the package at the home and then
    returned to retrieve it after realizing it shouldn't have been delivered without someone signing for it.
    Township police Chief Bryan Phelps says the package was in a UPS warehouse and has since been delivered.
    The township is about 140 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.
    Information from: The Bradford Era, http://www.bradfordera.com
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    That would be embarrassing to have to tell everyone you lost your job over bull jizz
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    Could you imagine one of these leaking in the car? :no:
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    I deliver and pu that stuff all the time, it usually ships in a plastic canister shaped like a mushroom (no joke...lol). Maybe I'm a sicko, but I'm curious as to how much exactly is 1770 units? How many units can an "extractor" get in one sitting. And why wasn't I born a bull?
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    LOL! I have handled many of those "mushrooms". That isn't exactly what came to mind, though, the first time I saw one!! I know its weird, who on preload isn't, but me and another girl use to yell, "Lunch!" to each other, whenever we saw one of those stupid things coming down the belt. The crazy things we did on preload!!
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    Gotta love your humor!
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    It's true, we pick up anything.
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    It's true, we pick up anything.