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    Just random thoughts on this issue.
  2. Sh(it) happens !
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  4. He said misdelivery, turn up your hearing aid !
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    Oh, I know what he said.

    Must have a problem with too many of them.
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  7. Lat time I had a problem with them was.........
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    just expert at randomness.
  9. When I was younger and experiencing sex for the first couple of time I had a few misdeliveries
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  10. Couldn't find the right spot?.......was that last week?
  11. I know to stay away from the other one now. Been married to long. I know that's not on the table anymore
  12. cosmo1

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    That's what I was thinking.

    We need to hear from his wife/girlfriend/whatever before we judge.
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    Work for FedEx Ground. You never have to worry about misdels. They misdeliver stuff all the time and Express has to fix the problem by scooping the package and delivering it.
  14. Whenever I missdelivered I felt shame but it still felt good for about 10 to 15 seconds.
  15. Heard he,pounded that belly button!
  16. We need oldngray....what movie was it? young give having sex with an older lady. He goes ..hey baby you are so tight...she goes your in the wrong hole a.......lol
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    Get to know your neighbor day.
  18. Only If she is hot and has clean socks!
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    We don't call them "missed" any longer. Please refer to them as "deferred service potential"!