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    I don't know if anyone else is having this problem,but we are getting lots of guys hauled into the office every morning for BS missed scans.
    We do not have PAS or EDD,we have diad 4,and the problem is getting out of hand.It's insane when you deliver 2 pkgs to a customer,and
    they accuse you of not scanning them.This is just ridiculous.There is obviously a flaw in the system,yet it's easier to blame us that find out
    the real problem.
    We had one driver that had a customer write a formal letter indicating that our driver did indeed scan the pkgs,
    The center manager said he didn't care,they show as missed scans,and we will not tolerate it.
    He went on to say,Mr Soanso,I see here you've never served a suspension....
    At that he said ok I dont want to see you in here in the future...

    About a year ago we had this one center manager that actually told me I was not going on the road unless I could explain my missed scan from the
    previous day.I went in the office and punched in the TR# to ups.com.....It was obvious I did indeed miss a scan,it was a pkg that was
    for a walmart store in Calgary,that was delivered almost 2 years ago_Ok so it was a huge@ass box that had been retaped,relabled and reshipped about 10 times,and some clerk somewhere trying to reach their quota of pre-scanning 2000 pkgs or whatever,found that ancient label .
    I admit in this case I did miss a scan ,albeit an irrelevant one.
    You'd think that UPS would have the technology to install the software that would detect and instantly dismiss,any tracking number that
    has been used before.
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    2 years ago? Your in Canada though so the 9 month statute of limitation may not apply to you. Sounds like you have a wound up and almost on the verge of being canned manager. Do your job excellently and try to let the one or two jerks not ruin an otherwise joy filled world...if you have one. I do...it's not so bad. I lose track of it from time to time, but I do enjoy most people. Good luck!
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    I use to have a Diad that would regularly have problems transferring the info back to the center. Sometimes it would take a couple days for the scans to register. I don't understand, or care, where this info went in the galaxy, invariably, it would finally show. I got hauled in once over this. As we were talking about it, the center manager was looking up the scans. Guess what showed up while we were talking? I don't know what happened. I just know, until they broke down and got me a new board, I would just give him that goofy look when he would try and raise this question.
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    Implementing new technology costs money. Spewing out warning letters is a lot cheaper and easier.
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    The last 8 numbers of tracking numbers are the only numbers that change--for larger shippers, like amazon, it is possible to run out of new tracking numbers, so UPS does recycle used tracking numbers.