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    I work at UPS and I am in small sort. We have a new "next generation" system whereby you scan the package and a flashing light tells you "where to put the box". I put that in quotes because most of my area is in some kind of missort trouble with the new system. I can read slics (I loaded for about two years) and I constantly read them because it is my natural inclination. I have received a letter for termination but I have a grievance meeting on Thursday to plead my case. On the other hand, there have been at least 5 times that I can think of where I have seen the machine tell me to put a box somewhere when I know it goes somewhere else. I have showed this to my union steward and they have made copies which will be shown in the meeting which helps my case a little.

    The big question that I have and one that I have gotten different answers on from different people is "Where (if anywhere) does the union contract specifically say that you can be terminated for missorts?

    If you were me, would you feel worried at all?

    Thanks for your help.
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    I can almost gurantee you won't be terminated, but life will be a massive pain in the ass if you keep getting missorts. IE can change the destinations for bins with a few punches on a keypad and often swap out the scheme at least once or twice a week.

    Slow the hell down, it's not a production job. They'll be harassing the hell out of you guys to "pay for the new system" but it's all hot air and bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. I've seen the "NextGen" system stress both hourlies and management to the point of breaking because of how much they're micromanaged - it's almost like having telematics in the hub.
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    So, we are reduced to listening to a, I mean, watching a flashing light? So, any simpleton(or dog) can load, now? My dogs love the red dot(laser pointer) and follow it perfectly, but I wouldn't let them load a truck.
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    YOU will be your own best defense. Do not depend on anyone else to present your case for you in the hearing. Have everything you want to say written down...such as the dates, times, etc.. that you observed that the "next gen" small sort had glitches. Present ALL possibilities why these missorts may have shown up under your scan log in. How do you know that someone else does not "salt" the bins when you are on break...or even purposely missorts a package when you are not looking.

    There is such a variety in the "quality" of stewards and BA's from Local to Local that it is very difficult to say without doubt you will not have any issues. I have gone through periods of having a strong BA to periods of having one that no longer wanted to argue with the company. Even the politics of how well your BA is "connected" with those at the State panel is important.

    In summary....NO....I really do not think you will be fired.... however as Piedmont Steward suggested......."work safe".....there are NO production standards in our conract.

    Far too many employees allow themselves to be rushed into making mistakes, accidents, injuries..etc.. Failure to plan on "their" part, does not constitute and emergency on "your" part.
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    Talking about the "Smalls Sort". Another person behind the bins bag and throws it on the belt to be loaded in a trailer. Used to be a high seniority job but with all the missorts anybody can do it.

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    I don't think you ll have any problems.

    are the mis sorts a result of you correcting where they go? So if the light flashes and says this bin, you disagree and put it in a different bin? If your doing that I would stop. Put it where the light tells you. Work as directed.
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    Before NextGen small sort, smalls was a cake job almost comparable to clerking. The company expected people to bag at 250 PPH, which is nothing. It was a highly skilled job that required a good sorter or bagger to know anywhere between 24-48 outbound destinations, including exceptions.

    After NextGen was first installed and tested in 2008/09 (most likely due to the rise of eCommerce/Amazon/SurePost - 1/3rd+ of my hub's daily volume now goes to smalls), that (expected) 250 PPH grew to anywhere from 600-900 depending on whatever upper management decided to pull out of their ass that day. Instead of relying on bi-nightly printouts from the scan room to track production, a supervisor can check the numbers in real time on one of several computer screens. Alarms can be set to go off if an employee hasn't built a bag in three minutes. There are cameras setup everywhere to watch flow/production (not just for loss prevention purposes) and I've actually heard my FT's radio go off within 30 seconds of an employee being seen "not working" on the cameras by the sort manager.

    It's not nearly as demanding as loading/unloading trucks, but managers are encouraged to micromanage the hell out of their employees. Additionally, with more and more of UPS' volume consisting of packages under 10 lbs, it's no surprise that the company wants to replace highly skilled employees with extensive area knowledge with a body that can sling boxes and "follow the lights."
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    That is what I say. It is a system but I started out loading and reading and memorizing zip codes. I have loaded in all areas of the building so I know about what goes where. If I catch one label that is bad it scares me but catching 5 (all by myself with others catching a few) is not giving me any confidence in the system at all. It is not like it is just me that is getting missorts, there are a lot of people in small sort that are in trouble. I keep hoping that they would realize it may not be us. They trust me a lot to go load on load belts that I was never on so they know I can read slics. It is just very discouraging.
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    We have the same problem in our building. The midnight sort recognize the problem but twi won't. No one has been fired but there was a lot of threats. All the high seniority small sorters on twi. bag now. Broke up the henhouse.
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    I still sort the old fashion way. Although it is in our building the rhesus monkey sort has not reached me yet.There goes a lot of skilled $1.00 per hour increases. 14 years ago I would sort to 48 bins from a moving belt in small sort with lots of splits. ( in my bear feet in the snow LOL)
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    Yeah, well get over it. Now an 18 girl out of high school will be doing your job while you will be another bagger.

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    I still would like to know if the mis sorts are a result of the system or a result of sorter not following system.
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    Most likely the system. Always a few ZIP's that fall trough the cracks.
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    If it appears to be the same zip codes that are being missorted, have the small sort supervisor check main edit...could be a bad override in the system causing the problems.

    In my experience, most of the missort problems associated with NGSS can be traced back to poor methods--sorters missorting the bins that are out of their peripheral while facing forward; they don't face the bin that they should be sorting to and "rush." PPH is irrelevant if you have 5 missorts daily--service is still the name of the game.

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    Sorting gives me back pain and I am not giving my dollar back,besides sometimes I work off site and have to sort and bag myself under time restrictions so the stuff gets to the airport on time.
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    The "Smart" systems in use, when implemented correctly, work as intended. The problem is that the IE people involved with keying in the info tend to get things wrong. This is able to be proven with just a bit of a look into how the zips ans splits are set up in the system. I think you should be fine, but build up as much of a case as you can.

    And while I agree that there are no specific, contract-based production standards, this does not give hourlies the right to go at whatever slow-ass pace that they decide is best for them any given day, or stop paying attention to zips. You won't be written up for misloads......you will be written up for 'failure to follow instructions'....and that one will stick all day.
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    what causes bear feet? :teethy:
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    A steady diet of roots,berries,and a propensity for misspelling that the good sisters of St Francis would not approve of.