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    I see his family is fighting over his stuff so they can sell it---including his personal Bible. . Nice loving family.
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    It's typical like all families......when they say you can't pick your relatives....that's what they mean....they argue over stuff.
    I grew up in a family of Italians and they argue about your stuff as you lay in your casket at the funeral home. I've written off all of them or they died. That's why I live on the opposite coast, no drama
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    I saw lots of kids "celebrating" MLK day today by staying at home and watching TV or playing video games since there was no school.

    Pretty much all the adults I encountered were working, except for teachers and government employees.

    Dr King was a great man and he deserves to be memorialized, but wouldnt it make more sense for the kids to spend the entire day IN school, learning about black history and the role he played in the civil rights movement?

    I fail to see how witholding the mail and closing the schools does anything to honor his memory.