Monte, Put Down The Champagne


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Denny ran a great race. #11 has a good driver now. Congrats and a good race to watch. I almost kicked the TV when Smoke was bump drafting Denny in the tri-oval which is a no-no and a huge risk. You need to hug Smoke and Jimmy Johnson's neck as they both pushed Denny to the front.

Even though he drives the purple car still enjoyed watching Denny win.


88 snuck into 10Th place yesterday when he spent most of the race in between 20 and 35.

I have to admit I don't watch most nascar events but I have been watching more and more of the daytona each year. Especially with HD and surround sound to add to the event.

Is it me or is Nascar starting to get a little dirtier then maybe where it was 10 years ago? Don't get me wrong watching Stewart push someone well into the infield was entertaining.
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tieguy said:
Is it me or is Nascar starting to get a little dirtier then maybe where it was 10 years ago?

I don't know if it's dirtier or not than 10 years ago because if you go back to the 70's and early 80's when the likes of Dale Earnhardt, Rusty Wallace, DW and Geoff Bodine were much younger and just getting started, those guys would dirty it up quite often. I think much of it is NASCAR over the last few years has been flooded with lots of new/young talent and between the jacked up testosterone and the "I'm invincible" attitude of a few racers it just seems elevated. As these guys get older, like the names mentioned above, they to will become wiser and settle down but then a new crop of hardheads will hit the circuit and here we go again.

Besides, in the old days they'd race and beat and bang on one another and then fight like dogs in the pits afterwards.

If you ever get the chance TNN many years ago taped a 4 hour program with many of the old drivers from Rex White and Junior Johnson to the Allison Brothers to Cale Yarbough to Ned Jarrett to DW. It's great history but it's the damn best gut buster you ever seen about stock car racing and it's cast of characters. As a kid growing up in NC in the 60's and into the early 70's I watched these guys beat and bang on one another from Charlotte to Rockingham to Darlington and then throw in North Wilkesboro, Hickory and a number of dirt tracks around the Charlotte area but it was a blast to watch these guys years later tell the tales on one another and then laugh about it like there was no tomorrow. My guess is 25 years from now Matt Kenseth and Tony Stewart will laugh about their deal yesterday just as Donnie and Cale laughed about the end of the 79' Daytona 500 and their infamous fight. Rusty, DW and Hammond laugh now about the famous fight between their crews after the Winston of many years ago. It's all cyclical I guess.