More video from the archives I have found......

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    The 97 strike with local coverage first out of Tulsa and then national coverage from CNN........I'm the good looking one in the red Texas Ranger ballcap with my 6 yr old son walking the picket with me..........I'm sorry for the poor audio but the VHS tape is 13 yrs old..........

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    I know there's a reason why we're talking about this 13 years later.............
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    Because his son is now 19 and wants nothing to do with dad
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    Maybe because it's because he found these tapes in a box getting, ready for spring cleaning , and thought it would be a hoot to take a walk down memory lane.
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    Yeah. I'm sure many here on the Cafe weren't with the company in 97' and many more that work for the company that have no idea that we were on strike in 97'. I know it was a long 18 days for me and my family and I hope we never experience it again.
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    Hey, Spif, thanks for the video. I think you are on target, many here weren't with the company in '97, and you are right, not too long ago, some drivers and I were talking about how our building had changed, and when we made reference to the strike, a couple guys had never heard about it. Of course, they were just 8 years old at the time, and were just enjoying the last days of summer before returning to the fourth grade.

    I was luckier than most in '97. I had a long practice of scheduling three weeks of vacation when it was contract time. So, although I spent a lot of time on the picket line, I had three weeks of vacation pay banked from the last pay period in July. It was still very stressful, the uncertainity of when it would end. Our center isn't huge, but everyone really pulled together like a family. The center manager at the time was a really decent guy, so it made for a much better atmosphere. I have a few photos of the picket city that we set up in front of the building.

    And, "the reason we're talking about this 13 years later", is that some people have an interest in history, and in the history of the company that they have spent a lifetime building. I think there is plenty of thread space for those who have that interest.
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    LOL Spif. (not laughing at you being out on strike) I had to chuckle at your comment about those that have/had no idea UPS was on strike in '97. I knew.........................:happy-very:. I worked on a freight dock during the strike. Holy crap! We couldn't keep up. :surprised:
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    It was funny to hear that the CNN broadcast said FedEx DHL and Airborne were not taking on any new customers and the Post office was excepting 4 pkgs maximum from it's customers. Just showed how much volume we carried in our system back in the day. We just about shut the country down.
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    In 97 I had been with UPS for 20 years and had been on the same route for 7 years. During the strike I had an awful experience involving a p1000 that I cannot share on this thread.
    The reason for the strike was merely a pissing contest between Jim Kelly and Ron Carey. The part time abuse angle struck a chord with the whole nation, but Carey had no compassion for part time abuse. Remember, Carey was loaded up on UPS stock. He was at he end of his career. And his whole life was about striking. To him, the strike was an art form.
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    I have always thought the same thing. Carey had a burr in his saddle for many years against Uncle Buster and he figured at the time it was now or never.
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    WOW!! What Pasty white legs you have! We down in Florida have nice tan legs! :wink2: