Motorcycle Noise Bylaw - $250 fine

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  1. klein

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    An Edmonton bylaw has captured the interest of municipalities and people across the country who loathe the persistent rumbles and thunderclap starts of motorcycles on their roads.
    Edmonton’s city council is believed to be the first in North America to pass a bylaw requiring the muffling of motorcycle noise. Riders will be fined $250 if their motorcycles exceed 92 decibels while idling or 96 decibels while engaged. One hundred decibels is roughly equivalent to the sound made by a snowmobile or chainsaw.

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    Personally, I think it's a great idea.
    There is no reason whatsoever, that some of these bikes are louder then semi-trucks !
  2. bigbrownhen

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    Motorcyclyes don't bother me as much as some of those obnoxious stereos with the base so loud it rattles windows half a mile away.
  3. grgrcr88

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    Actually there is a very good reason. Rider safety, sometimes if you don't see them you will hear them!!!
  4. rod

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    loud pipes save lives. loud radios gives one the urge to take lives
  5. dilligaf

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    Jerome Az has had a noise ordinance in effect for years and strictly enforced. Not anything new and by no means NOT an original idea.
  6. klein

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    Forgot, since last year it's also $150 fine, if you get caught butting or throwing your cigarette onto the streets or sidewalks.
    They really endorse this bylaw downtown, sometimes with plain clothesd officers.
  7. cachsux

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    I have no problem with the loud pipes on the open road but do they really need to see how loud they can make it once they come into the neighborhood? Is their life really in danger from the guy on his lawn tractor or the kids on their bikes?
  8. dilligaf

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    LOL Cache, of course you are right though. Some just have to take the noise to an extreme and it really is unnecessary. I do adhere to the thoery that loud pipes saves lives but you can have loud pipes and not be offensive about it.
  9. over9five

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    We have a cottage at Hampton Beach on the main road outta there. All night you hear the moron bikers throttle up going down the road. The "pipes" DO NOT have to be that loud, especially after Midnight. Fine 'em $500, I say. Rude people with no common sense.
  10. bbsam

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    I use to ride quite a bit a few years ago and that was always considered a falacy. Is it still?
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I don't have to see 'em and certainly don't want to hear 'em if I am trying to relax.

    Maybe they are trying to compensate for other inadequacies?
  12. Monkey Butt

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    I'm a 30 year plus motorcyclist and I tend to agree with this.
    Every study ever conducted on this determines that loud pipes do not increase awareness of cage (car) drivers.
    If you notice, since the exhaust and noise is out the rear of the motorcycle, the extreme noise you hear is after the motorcycle has passed.
    IMO - just a marketing gimmick that certain people have bought into. This loud [pipe systems are after-market products that bikers pay a lot of wasted money on - good marketing.
  13. dilligaf

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    LMAO perhaps they are Dave, perhaps they are. :happy-very: Some of them anyway. You shouldn't have to hear them in residential areas. There is little need for it, especially if everyone is behaving themselves like they should be. However, there are definate advantages to it from my point of view. It may have saved me a knee surgery and 8 months of recouperation.

    The same thing could be said about these so called "garbage can" exhausts and the rednecks that have to put 4 in. exhausts and glass packs on their pick up trucks. And since we are talking about loud noises, I find it more offensive listening to some jack ass with woofers that make my car windows rattle and they are 3 cars away from me.
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