moving sideways


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hey all, how difficult is it to move sideways or diagonally in the organization from FT package driving? I'm not talking about moving into feeders, but rather a different FT position. I have my letter ready though would like some input on those who've moved on before submitting it. Is it really based on the tests and interviews? Does not having a college degree make things harder? Thanks in advance.


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I don't see how that would be a lateral move. From the sounds of your post, your only option would be to go into management. So assuming you are talking about entry-level management, i.e. on-road sup, or hub operations, yes, it is based on tests and interviews. And yes, not having a degree makes it harder...not impossible, but harder.


If you are a package driver with 20 or more years seniority, you may be able to bid on a combo job. However, I think that would mean a pay cut. Also, you might end up loading trucks for much of the day.


You will need to give us a little more information. What kind of position are you looking for. If it's management I'm sure tieguy or antoher management poster can give you better information than hourlies can.

I would think that any organiztion would take into account your record as an hourly employee and the interviews will give them an idea if they think you are a good fit for management.