Multiple part time employees having their paychecks "accidentally" messed up?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Ant12, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Ant12

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    Well I'm a part time loader and I have 5 other co workers who have seen their paychecks being cut 1-3 hours. Most never write down the times but now they are starting to now that their pay has become noticeably lower while still coming in at the same time and leaving. There is a thing called precharge where some employees come in earlier than the regular shift to start, we often get overtime (anything over 5 hours). We have not been getting overtime. At all. Ever. It seems they are honestly doing it on purpose. Everyone writes their time down on the sheet at the centers desk but when you ask about your paycheck being messed up they ask if u wrote it down now I am starting to this week. I have an hour log on my phone to make sure I'm getting paid right, and now that I talked to my coworkers, as I mentioned before 5 others have found mistakes in their paychecks. What should we do of this keeps happening? I am very confident that there will be missing hours and no overtime in my paycheck every week and that I will have to keep writing down my hours in my own personal notebook because I feel like they try to cut the hours on purpose considering the mass amounts of people affected

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  2. greengrenades

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    File a grievance. Yall should have done it already.
  3. Nimnim

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    File a grievance as greengrenades said.

    Also don't you have some sort of daily report to check your hours on for the week? Check it daily, and if the previous day(s) are wrong complain, if they don't get fixed before the pay period ends and you get paid less grieve it.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Is this "precharge" that you spoke of approved by mgt and has it been going on for some time or is it a fairly new practice? If it has been in place for some time and you have been getting paid for it all along you can cite "past practice" in your grievance, which should have already been filed.
  5. BrownTexas

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    I've literally seen preload sups get onto the computer and shave time off people's clock. This is a known practice. I always complained and got it fixed. But it is a weekly problem. Anyone not keeping track of their hours are getting screwed.
  6. PT Car Washer

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    In my building the hub will have one person per belt start early to do set up. Starts about 10 minutes before the sort. Selected by seniority.
  7. PiedmontSteward

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    I'm not necessarily disputing what you're posting, but that seems awful brazen. Was it for hourlies that had forgotten to punch out?

    At the center/sort manager level and above, they typically freak out about accusations of time shaving/wage theft because if it's proven (and can easily be proven/tracked if a supervisor is editing the time in the time card system) someone has to get fired. My first FT supervisor (who was a pyschopath) would shave OT all the time in the hub and then was promoted to run a smaller center/hub. He was caught within 2 months doing the same thing in a smaller building by LP and HR and was immediately canned.
  8. PiedmontSteward

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    You need to demand an immediate payroll correction (in writing) and inform your steward/BA ASAP.

    If you're in an area (like mine) where PT'ers get OT over 5, management typically does everything they can to prevent you from getting OT as you show up on a report and they have to justify it. It's entirely possible there's an honest mistake or something shadier going on. There should be a weekly area operations report for the employees to review; every area in my hub receives one and it lists hours for the week up to/including the previous day listed alphabetically by last name.

    Have the start times been changed and the "precharge" (we just call them setup here) guys not noticed? On our time clocks, we have a hard-coded start time. For example, if my start time is 5:00 PM and I punch in at 4:30 PM, I'm not going to get paid until 5 unless a supervisor goes in and manually starts me up earlier for the day.
  9. BrownTexas

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    Our hard-coded start time is never at the right start time. And these supervisors are usually rounding out people's end times. If you clocked out at 9:13, they would manually go in and change it to 9:10.
  10. PiedmontSteward

    PiedmontSteward RTW-4-Less

    Same here with hub start times. A lot of members actually refused to crank up early because they have to hound a supervisor multiple times to fix it before they started taking it seriously.

    We also had a problem where members were getting their time "accidentally" shaved. They would punch out in their area and then get asked to run a package to another belt/area and punch out at the timeclock near the exit door in the hub. The sup responsible for "verifying" the timecards (they basically go in to make sure you clocked out and to confirm you were actually present for the time you worked so someone can't just punch you in/out..) was viewing it as a duplicate/error punch and deleting it. It was an "honest" mistake and was fixed.

    Going in and shaving/rounding out minutes, however, is not. The affected employees need to be reporting it to HR, filing grievances, and reporting to DoL Wages & Hours if the first two remedies don't work. The responsible supervisors are required to log-in under an individual ID and their edits/deletions/addendums are logged.
  11. By The Book

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    In the NMA article 12 all PTE edits shall be posted for the employees review, daily. The employer agrees to supply forms to record starting/ending times. When requested by the union time clocks will be left in place for employees's personal use to record their time.
  12. bleedinbrown58

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    All PTers need to keep track of their will get shorted if you don't. My favorite part is ita usually only a small amount of time I'm shorted..less than an hour. No enough for the green check minimum. Coincidence??
  13. UnsurePost

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    The DM is the one with the finishing touches. Believe that..the sups may input the correct data, but that means nothing.
  14. By The Book

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    So they can take money out of your pocket and you have no recourse? Please see my post about the national master article 12 above. Look it up to confirm. Thanks
  15. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Oh you can file a grievance....but the monies owed will have to be paid in the following week's check. I don't want to wait a week for part of my pay...even if it's a dime!
  16. By The Book

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    In my mind you have to. Not file, just a correction so they add it to your next weeks check. What's right is right. I'm still after my center manager over 4 happy meal deals lol. Have your steward look into that NMA article 12 language. Sorry I'm pressing you, but I know you will follow thru.
  17. Mugarolla

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    If it's a payroll error, it will be paid on next weeks check. This is not a payroll error. This is malicious dishonesty and should be met with the same recourse that an hourly is met with for malicious dishonesty.

    One call to Atlanta will fix this problem. 404-828-6000
  18. Gumby

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    Exactly,how many grievances have...YOU,filed?

    Cant file on another driver,washing your SUPS car!

    Just saying!
  19. you aint even know it

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    I thought that FT supervisors would usually have their antichrist (pt supervisors) do the dirty work.
  20. Wally

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    Perhaps the union should set up "time track stations", pens and cards for keeping track of hours. Have a sheet that would show time into clicks, based on start times nearby.