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    Now thats a man who loves his NASCAR.... lol.... love it.... Oh and finally UPS is getting a driver who is good.
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    Not a hot ticket!!


    Via Sporting News:
    When President Barack Obama turned down free tickets to this weekend’s Sprint Cup race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the track hoped to auction off the “presidential” tickets to raise big money for charity.
    Instead, the tickets went for less than face value.

    The four tickets, which are emblazoned with Obama’s name and the White House address, were sold for $300. Bidding began at $100 and the tickets, which are for some of the best seats at the track, are valued at $110 each.

    “Though it didn’t create the frantic, high-paced competitive bidding that we had hoped, it did raise $300 for Speedway Children’s Charities,” NHMS president Jerry Gappens said in a release from the track.
    The two-week auction was won by Chesterfield, Mass. native Francine Slesinski, who has attended every NASCAR race at the speedway for the last 10 years.

    “Francine got a great bargain, excellent seats to the biggest sporting event in New England and a one-of-a-kind collectible!” Gappens said.
    “I planned on getting tickets anyway, but when I saw those up for auction I had to get them,” Slesinski said.
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    Now, I must consider him worthy of my support. Sorry Kyle, my loyalty is now divided.
    And for the record, Trevor is the SECOND driver I know of with MS.

    Kelly Sutton raced in the Craftsman truck series and she drove the Copaxone truck.
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    His team owner has been very supportive so far.