Nationalized Healthcare?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by steeltoe, Aug 16, 2009.

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    Where do the Teamsters fall? Is the Union for this legislation or against? Where do you think UPS falls?:happy2:
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    Nationalized Healthcare is nowhere in the legislation I believe you are talking about. Nevertheless I'll bite, I believe the Teamsters would be supporting Obama's plan, if nothing more for the sheer reason of supporting his plan for a give and take for EFCA. Not sure about UPS maybe someone in management will know..
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    Coming Soon....Free Medical Care-
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    I know where I fall, but that is just personal opinion and not related to UPS in any way.

    I like my UPS insurance, even though I have to pay for it. It is still significantly cheaper than anything I could get privately, and probably a heck of a lot better than any government run program (though to be honest I haven't been to a doctor in years so I never use it).

    Personally, I think these health care "reforms" are a bad idea. Personally, I think Obama is spending too much time trying to make the United States of America into the Communist State of America.

    My father is a Neuropsychologist and has been to a number of meetings about the proposed reform. Apparently Obama wants all doctors, regardless of what type of medicine they practice, to be paid the same. Which means your Neuro surgeon would be paid the same as the Podiatrist. Personally, I don't want a guy who cuts on my brain to be paid the same as the guy who cuts toe nails. They are two completely different levels of skill and education.

    Besides that, I don't trust the government's ability to manage a health care program, nor do I trust them when they say we will be able to keep our current health care if we want. Getting government involved in health care will be like everything else run by the government. You will have senators, lobbyists, and presidents who think they know more about health care than doctors telling the doctors what they can and can not do.

    There is a reason the United States has some of the best doctors in the world, and it's not because we are smarter. It's because the only way a doctor can be successful, and make the money they make, is by being EXTREMELY competitive. There is a very real incentive for doctors to be the absolute best in the field, take away that incentive and you will be left with doctors who don't really care how good they are because they get paid the same regardless.

    Use the British for example. They have a completely nationalized heath care system, where everything is run by the government. How many horror stories do you hear about people having heart attacks in the parking lot, but the doctors and nurses not being allowed to help them because they are no "in" the hospital, so they have to call an ambulance service to move the heart attack victim from the parking lot, 50 ft away, to the door of the emergency room.

    Healthcare is a huge moneymaker in the US economy. Having the government run it would be like having the Post Office run UPS and FedEx. Bad Idea!

    Just my humble opinion....
  5. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    I would say Teamsters against it (they want whats best for thier brothers and sisters).
    UPS, they would be for it.
    Here's an example : Only as of this year (2009) Albertans don't have to pay a monthly set fee. It was I believe $78 for singles, a little over a $100 for families.
    Well, the province of Alberta run up soo many budget surpluses (oil), and they said, from now on they will fork the bill.
    Last year, most companies were paying that fee for thier workers (under bennies). So was UPS.
    This new bill made UPS richer !
    Us workers didn't get nothing out of it.
  6. hurricanegunner

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    I like my benefits just the way they are. We may not have a perfect system in this country, but it is far and away better than anyone else's system. The two things about UPS that keep people there are the pay and the benefits. I don't want the government taking control of my health care.
  7. 24601

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    I like my benefits at UPS. I like the care I receive when i go to the doctors.. for the post part.

    However, I would be willing to pay a little more in taxes to ensure everyone in America has access to care that doesn't bankrupt them. It bothers me that 25% of the people in my age bracket don't have health insurance, and many of the ones who do are simply lucky to get it through their parents as a dependent. I have a few older friends who have gone bankrupt simply because they cannot afford their doctor bills. That shouldn't happen in the richest country in the world.
  8. evilleace

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    Taxes go up a little yah right try a LOT I agree something needs to be done but a national health plan is not it.
  9. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    What if you had the option of choosing ?
    Lets say UPS spends $600 a month for your insurance as an example:
    Every September a form to fill out for the following year.

    Option A : Keep full employer private insurance as is.
    Option B : Public insurance with dental, and medication plus $250 cash/mth
    Option C: Only goverment insurance, and $400 cashback per month.

    That could be done with existing premium policies in place.
  10. Mike23

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    I'm curious about what the insurance plans are down in the states right now. I KNOW UPS' insurance plan in Canada SUUUUUUUCKS. I've worked with smaller companies with a much better plan. I know, at least it's something, but there's something wrong when a company that makes less then $1mil a year gives better benefits then a multibillion dollar company.

    Not to mention you folks down in the US would be in the same boat as us and taking a pretty crappy pay cut. We make around $24 something an hour here because of our 'free health care' which isn't actually free. Not to mention when you get hurt you can kiss an entire day goodbye because it'll take you at least 4 hours in the emergency room to see a doctor (that's if you're bleeding to death) and likely a few days to see your family physician. It's good for people without benefits bad for people with benefits.

    I think UPS wouldn't go for it since then they'd have to fork out a premium every month more then likely. I think the teamsters wouldn't want it either because it'd give them a major headache in the next contract negotiations and could very easily end up being a reason for a strike.
  11. klein

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    Do you have a doctor ? I could see mine tomorrow if I needed to. heck it's only 20:46, my walk in clinic just a few blocks down the road is open until 10pm.
    Give yourself a shake in your head.
    Besides, last time I looked at the contract booklet, it's $26.25 per hr.
    Still not as much as that in the states, and yes, teamsters pension sucks here.
    and they do have better access to doctors, because it's pay as you go service. private.

    I been to Foothills hospital 3 times. Never had a problem waiting.
    Those that might have a sore wrist or something, yes , make them wait. They shouldn't be there, anyways.
  12. Mike23

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    It's $24.84, I just looked it up.
    If it's an emergency I could see my doctor tomorrow. Average emergency room wait Check the average for Gatineau, Quebec. 25 hours. At 1am when I had food poisoning I waited until 0330am to be admitted.

    Yes, it is pay as you go in the US and I'm not 100% how it works but I think if you have benefits then UPS pays for at least 99% of the bills? Also Canada isn't 100% free either. Also all our best and brightest doctors go to the US after a few years because they make a heck of a lot more. Why do you think no doctor speaks english anymore in Canada?
  13. iowa boy

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    I think we just found the answer to the question if the Teamsters support this:

    Hoffa: Blue Dogs 'making a big mistake' on healthcare

    @ 3:17 pm by Michael O'Brien
    Centrist Blue Dog Democrats are "making a big mistake" by not backing President Obama's healthcare reforms, Teamsters President James P. Hoffa threatened Wednesday.
    "They're a whole new phenomenon," Hoffa said of the centrist Democrats who have been reluctant to back a healthcare bill containing certain taxes and a public (or "government-run") option for consumers.
    "A lot of these people we supported, and I think they're making a big mistake by not supporting the president," Hoffa added during an appearance on the liberal Bill Press radio show.
    Hoffa's words come after the likely incoming president of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, told the Huffington Post that his union may sit out campaigns in which lawmakers broke from the organization.
    Hoffa said that the Blue Dogs certainly weren't aiding Obama's efforts to pass health reform.
    "The president needs every Democratic vote, whether it's in the House or the Senate," he said. "The fact that they're basically chopping up the bill certainly doesn't help him."
    The son of the legendary union leader Jimmy Hoffa also said that the bruising healthcare battle might have taught the president a lesson or two.
    "I think he's really learning a lesson about how divided this town is," he said. "I think he came here he had the idea that he could charm everybody.

    Pretty sad if you ask me. And we all bitched about the giveaways in the last contract. Well if this goes thru, this will be by far the biggest giveaway to the Company. Wonder what we will get in return?:sad-little:
  14. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    You are right with the wages, just grabbed my union book, too.
    My last hospital experience was much better then that.
    Had a doctors appointment for blood testing, at around 3pm.
    At 7pm, Doc calls me, I better check myself into a hospital, my bloodsugar level is 4 times higher then normal.
    So, I took my time, had a shower, even packed a bag of clothes, incase they kept me there.
    And probably left at 9pm to the hospital.
    Told the front counter (wait time 5 min), that my doc called earlier and my sugar level was 4 times higher then normal.
    They done a test immediatly, and sure enough gave me a darn bed. Had to stay overnight. (with IV, and more blood testing every hr), even gave me something to eat (toast with jam)... sure enough, that proved that I was diabetic. (first ever diagnose I had ), was kinda in shock, didn't know much about it then.
    But, that was my last experience.
    Ofcourse, seen doc more often after that (and yes he's white, speaks english), but never had to wait longer then 5-10 minutes ever.(making an appointment, ofcourse).
    I also had to attend diabetic classes, think 3 in all.
    They were in hospitals. They have groups of people going to them.
    Anyways, maybe Calgary is different then here.
    And you can't compare another province with another one.
    Each province has it's own spending regarding healthcare, and I have heard Quebec is the worst.

    Try Dr Gehgan close to Bowness and Canada Olympic Park.. he's English, a very good doc.
    I had him. He's great !
  15. Mike23

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    I got a great doctor. Works well with depression. It's hard when you have a chronic condition to find that 'special doctor' that'll treat you with respect and you get along with (I'm sure you had the same problem at first?).

    It sounds like your experience with the hospitals is fairly minimal and not in the emergency room. I'm talking emergency room wait times. If you don't have an appointment (which sounds silly since it's emergency room and drop in essentially) you're hooped because you'll be there all day (promise you that). I heard Toronto's is ridiculous on wait times too.

    The last time I went to the emergency room there was a guy there slipping in and out of consciousness and mumbling to himself. He waited for 3 hours. I know this because I got there at 1300 and didn't leave until 2130, lol.
  16. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    Are you talking Foothills hospital ?
    I must have been lucky.... had to go there 3 times for pancreas attacks.
    Only thing I really had to wait long for, was for them to get my bloodwork done, so I can get painkiller. And yes, they kept me there, too, for a week or longer :sad-little:
  17. Mike23

    Mike23 Guest

    Yeah, it was the foothills. Well, the 1300-2130 was foothills. The other one was the downtown one (umm, the one off of 11th ave sw I think?). How long ago was it you went? That could be a factor too. Mine was recently. I also know during winter it tends to be busier with 'sick' people looking for get out of work notes.
  18. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    oh 10 years ago, even longer. Well, Calgary has gained another 400.000 population since. It was only 800.000 when I lived there. So, 50% population growth in 10 years... yeah, they can't keep up.
    And ofcourse weekends or esspecially Sundays and Stats... I could only imagine much busier, then a day during the week.

    Anyways, thats the price we pay, we can't expect immediate service, unless your really hurting. I know I was put in the forefront, for being in sooo much pain .

    Btw: Is your center on 12 St N.E and about 42ave ? I used to work almost across the street there. And my german shepard came from that SPCA next door , or just down the street.
  19. Mike23

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    Yep. We're moving though (thank god). The SPCA building's now known as the 'old SPCA' I dunno if they moved or what. I know we park there all the time though because our own parking lot's too small to handle our personnel vehicles.
  20. bbsam

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    I've always wondered why opponents of nationalized healthcare poo-poo the systems in other countries for two reasons:

    1. our economy dwarfs every other. We can afford it (785 billion in one week end}.
    2. this is America. if we want to we can do it better than anyone else.