NCAA 2012 Upsets

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    Lehigh a 75-70 upset win over Duke.

    GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Lehigh Mountain Hawks said they weren't afraid of mighty Duke.
    Maybe no one believed them at the time, but the Patriot League champions proved they were serious.

    (15) Lehigh 75 over (2) Duke 70 (South Region)

    Read more: McCollum leads Lehigh to 75-70 upset win over Duke | Fox News
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    NCAA West Regional: Norfolk State upsets Missouri, 86-84

    Is Norfolk State's upset the best of the best?
    By Thomas O'Toole and Steve Wieberg, USA TODAY

    Even for an event that specializes in the unexpected, in underdogs rising, heavy favorites falling, Friday was a day
    like no other in the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

    Never before had two No. 15 seeds (Norfolk State and Lehigh) defeated No. 2 seeds (Missouri, Duke) in the same
    tournament, much less within a few hours.
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    VCU Pulls Off Another Upset Win To Advance In NCAA.

    VCU took out a newspaper ad earlier this week proclaiming: "Back to Bust Your Bracket."

    The ad wasn't the idea of coach Shaka Smart or even his athletic department. But the Rams
    backed it up — at least for their opening round — by defeating No. 5 seed Wichita State 62-59
    in the South Regional.
    VCU (29-6), a 12th seed, advances to play fourth-seeded Indiana (26-8) in a third-round game
    Saturday at the Rose Garden. Louisville (27-9), the fourth seed in the West, will play fifth-seeded
    New Mexico (28-6) in the other game.

    VCU Pulls Off Another Upset Win To Advance In NCAA : NPR
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    #13 Ohio defeats fourth-seeded Michigan, 65-60 in Midwest regional

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    (12) South Florida 58 over (5) Temple 44 (Midwest Region)
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    (11) N.C. State 79 over (6) San Diego State 65 (Midwest Region)
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    (10) Purdue 66 over (7) St. Mary's 58 (Midwest Region)

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    (11) Colorado 68 over (6) UNLV 64 (South Region)
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    Of these upsets I would say Lehigh/Duke was the biggest. Duke was looking past Lehigh while Lehigh knew they had nothing to lose and played the game of their lives. This and the Norfolk State win were the highlights of a wild Friday night in college basketball.

    I wonder how many brackets ended up in the recycling bin last night.
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    I would say a lot ended up there.
    Very few would have picked this senerio. :eggonface: