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    I posted for a courier position in Jcats at my former station for a M-F route and received my offer letter sent it back in I am supposed to start their in 3 weeks. Today I get a call from the Senior Manager at that station and she tells me they are going to rescind the offer it should not of been posted in Jcats for external posting and want to give me a T-S route. I could not talk to her long about the situation but will talk to her again in a day or two anyone have any advice.
  2. Cactus

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    Sounds fishy to me.

    If it was posted in JCATS and it made to the offer letter stage and no one caught it? Hard to believe but then again so is most everything else that comes out of a SM's mouth. Sounds to me like she wants to give that M-F route to one of her favorites and she's pulling a bait n' switch with you.

    You could call HR, but be prepared for more BS.
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    Sounds like you're up a creek w/o paddle.
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    Tell them you have signed up for school based on the M-F schedule.
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    You can withdraw but make sure if you do that your current station can't hold you for a year before being able to apply again. That's the rule for withdrawing AFTER signing an offer letter so get something in writing. I got told once on phone before signing an offer letter that my schedule would be M-F starting at 0730. First day was told T-S starting at 1000 and working reload. GFT didn't get me out of it. One of many examples of managers lying to me before arriving so get everything nailed down in writing.
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    I'm going to agree with Cactus...someone internal at the station wants the route, and you're being offered what is left over.

    If you complain, you're burning a bridge at your new station. You can probably count on the fact that your new potential SM is a liar.
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