Need better UNION represantation

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  1. I work in a small hub in Bloomington, IN. For all the number fanatics 47408. Anywho there seems to be no presence of Teamsters in the whole joint. I asked my supervisor the other day. "Rick, where are UNION meetings held". My answer. " Ummm". Umm, is he kidding me. That is a legitimate question from any worker in the UNION. I mean I have no idea what the UNION has gotten for me. After 30 days do I get a raise or what I am just confused about the whole situation. WHO IS MY UNION REP for goddsakes. I mean jesus christ what do I do. OH YEAH check out my cool picture on the side isn't it awful
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  3. Thanks for that awesome bit of information there Deliver man.
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    Ask a fellow employee. The sup doesn't know or care.
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    Ask a fellow employee to point out who your steward is and then go introduce yourself. Supervisors have little interest in union business, so don't expect much of a response from them. One other thing you can do is to walk around your building where you should be able to find the union bulletin board. Once found, the meeting schedule may be posted on it. If you plan on sticking around, I would ask the steward for a copy of the collective bargaining agreement.
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    Smallsort....Did you even make your book yet?I agree with the monster...The supervisor could care less about the union.As for what has the union gotten for you,It looks like you have the easiest job in UPS. You work in small sorts with all the girls....lmao...........
    1.Open your mouth and ask workers about the union(not your boss,dummy)
    2.You will not get anything handed for you from the union(chain is as strong as it weakest link)
    3. I think after reading your post again that you should really think about joining the management team.
    4. Btw yea really cute photo.
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    TAking lessons from Tie there 804?

    Just kidding Tie!

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    I cannot imagine ANY UPS building that has such lax UNION representation. This does NOT sound right. Comments ?
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    lol , small deserved it.