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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Thatguy123, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Recently, we have been working with 1-2 less employees per belt and having the same amount of volume. I have pleaded with our head supervisor to let us run more people, but nothing changes. She keeps saying we don't have the help/giving me the run around. Now, they're are cutting one of our supervisors from our belt and still running 1-2 employees less each night. There's no way we can run efficiently/safe with the amount of people we have working. Is there anything that I can do to change this? I talked to our union rep and he says there is nothing he can do that will make them give us more help.. Anarchy? Anything? Please, someone tell me there is something we can do...
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    Thatguy ... don't worry about staffing, it isn't our issue to worry about. Just work a safe pace and by the methods, everything else is bs. Things like belts jamming, slides being full, etc are not your problem. They will eventually figure out that staffing is off, but until then work safe .... and enjoy the overtime.
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    The only thing you can do is keep working at a safe pace, DO NOT work harder just because they're cutting employees in your area. This is classic UPS, trying to force work for 5 people on 3 and so on. Try not to stress and keep you're coo!
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    You can work safe no matter the volume or lack of help and efficiency isn't your problem. Work as slow as you need to be safe and if things don't get done or done on time it's not on you. If that happens regularly, you will get the help, I promise. Whatever you do, don't try to be superman and cut corners to make up for a lack of bodies, it's unsafe and will only encourage management.
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    They will push you until you fail, at that point, it will become your new bench mark. Better to fail early on and make them staff correctly. Always work safe, UPS will not be there for you if you get hurt, lots of post on BC about how people get treated on comp.
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    To survive UPS is to pick only the fights that you might win.
    Sadly it's true , not all fights are winnable .
    But if you follow their rules & do it safely this one fight is winnable .
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    Who cares it there bed let them lie in it. Work safe at your pace and if the $hi+ hits the fan go to the bathroom and take a dump. You will feel lighter and when you come back someone will be helping you.
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    Amen. I can't wait to show them how pleased I am with how they have treated me. Thank you, UPS. I will repay you in kind.