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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 4WD, Feb 24, 2010.

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    Good day guys. i'll share my experience and I would gladly welcome some input. I was hired 8 mths (Jul 09) as a rate temp driver in preparation for the xmas season, my contract was suppose to expire on the last day Dec 09. I worked my ass off during this time period on a route no one wanted to take and so I had steady work throughout the season. Dec came and passed and the kept me on working in Jan with the same rate temp pay, I recieved no renewed contract or anything. Then suddenly they changed my paycode to air driver.....allowing me to make approximately half of what I use to get....I am now getting like 11.50/hr. I have no problem with this, the issue I have is that they have still kept me working this same fulltime route and its killing me, because when you check the numbers its just not worth it to be working that hard and long for the exact job I use to make double the amout. I feel like they are taking advantage of me because they see that I need the job.

    I have not recieved any official notification that my payrate would have been changed, I havent recieved anything regarding my job status....nothing!!! I need to know if I am eligible to join the union and how do I go about doing it because I know they would do this crap to a union worker. Could someone please give me some advice
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    Not sure about your situation, we do not have contract people. But, around these parts you get thirty working days inside of 90 out of the free period. You become qualified, alot of things are diffrent from region to region. Post you location and these guys might be able to better you.

    As for union around here you in the union if your moving a package period. Or some is getting some free money.
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    Depending on the area that your in things might be different. However, if they hired you as a temp driver you should have been laid off DEC 31. If they didn't lay you off then you should now be considered a FT permant employee. In other words your getting screwed.

    I would see a steward in your building and ask them also ask for a copy of the contract so you yourself can read the supplement for the area your in.
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    Hey thanks for the replies, I'm from the southeastern region (metro DC) area. The reason I question my union representation is because dues are not deducted from my it a case where I will have to request this bedone??? I was just of the impression that a steward would not give you much backing once it was found out that you were not paying dues. Trust me i wouldnt mind paying these dues just to get some backing from them. Once again guys thanx for the feedback.
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     I was just of the impression that a steward would not give you much backing once it was found out that you were not paying dues.
    You would be given the same backing that a paying member gets. Then I would encourage you to join. what center/bldg are you in?
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    well just be glad you're not dropped down to part time and have to do combo (split) sorts. You wouldn't be able to... getting hired off the street or through any other means other than straight through UPS, violation of the contract.
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    I don't see the problem. You were hired as a temp seasonal. The company kept you on driving as a new-hire. You are currently a PT air driver (my guess) but theyre using you as they feel they can get away with. Your new seniority date is the first day you worked in the new year assuming you already made your 30 or whatever probationary days as a permanent employee.

    Because you were re-hired, they hired you as an air-driver..easy, right?

    Now the problem comes. Are you delivering only air the past few months or everything? If everything, then you have a difficult decision to make. Technically you should not be delivering anything but air packages. If you complain about payrate, or anything, UPS will probably move you to Part-time hours as a PT air driver and give the route to someone else. Is it a baseline route with pent-up split house sections? Thats probably why no one wants it.