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  1. ematic

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    I've been offered a position as a a part time dock worker with fed ex and I'm currently waiting for my background/drug test results. I've been additionally offered a position as a part time courier for fed ex. Can I work both? They are in the same state but obviously different locations. I was thinking of working both and remaining silent about the situation. There is no conflict in the scheduling between both jobs. Can anyone help me with some insight?
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  2. Here is my advice

    RUN. Run away as fast as you can

    Horrible company to work for
  3. ematic

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    I've been out of work for some time and I've relocated my family,so I really have to work at least one of them. Thanks for the insight!
  4. understandable

    you are given an employee number

    it is not possible to work at two different stations and not have one know about the other

    doesn't work like that

    you will be in the system
  5. ematic

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    Thanks,Ill probably go with the dock worker position. The position pays a little bit more. I was leaning toward the courier position but I heard full time is hard to get. You've helped me a lot! Well appreciated.
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    Actually full-time courier work is fairly easy to get. FedEx usually hires off the street part-time but you'll probably have a serious chance of going full-time within a year. As far as working both positions now you could always ask. If the handler position is Ground and the courier position is Express they might be ok with it. Afterall it shows a willingness to work on your part which is a valued commodity. The courier job will eventually pay better but if you've read this forum you know FedEx isn't what it used to be.
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    You could cal HR and ask if you could do that. In 12+ years, I've never heard of anyone doing this. While the dock position might pay more, as a PT courier you have the luxury (?) of working extra hours. As a PT, I never worked later than my scheduled hours, but there are PT'ers who currently work 50-60 hours....all by choice. Keep in mind, working extra hours and 'kissing butt' will not help you get a FT position.
  8. Mr. 7

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    All I ever see of the PT couriers is them getting jerked around. I think that job would probably interfere with any other PT job you have.
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    When i went to orientation at fedex express the human resources person told us you can not work for both fedex companys because each division compete against it each other.
  10. LTFedExer

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    Only when they allow it. Once the managers see you'll say yes to anything they ask, they abuse it. It used to be (with me) 'Can you stay a bit later?', I'd say 'Sorry, I have an appointment'.
  11. HuckToohey

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    Take the PT job that pays more. Is there tuition reinbursment at both? Take the one that has it. Get in school, let FDX pay for it. Graduate with a degree in something in demand and useful. Then get the hell out!!!
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    Three words of advice: Run like hell!
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    Good plan!